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  1. rayzor added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    1) the day we got the franchise
    2) x-clown
    3) drafting cam newton
    4) ted ginn catch against the pats
    5) stewart bouncing ronde barber on the ground on MNF
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  2. rayzor added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    the loudest i ever yelled at the tv watching something panthers related was when jimmy clausen was drafted. i didn't like him. i thought he was an entitled punk and (as little as this might make me sound) enjoyed watching his plummet. i kept asking myself "which loser team is going to draft that clown" and was almost as interested in watching that as i was waiting to see who we draft.
    when they called his name out all i could get out was
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  3. rayzor added a post in a topic Gregg Williams says he didn't mean it   

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  4. rayzor added a post in a topic Interesting work stories   

    not sure that anyone can follow that. i had a couple that might have compared, but......wow.
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  5. rayzor added a post in a topic Panthers Facebook Fanpage   

    the OP's premise is all based on the assumption that the facebook page to which he was referring was official.
    it's not.
    thread = irrelevant
    OP's high horse is limping off the field.
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  6. rayzor added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

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  7. rayzor added a post in a topic True Dedication - Dave Grohl   

    i totally understand about cobain in what you said and can relate on a MUCH smaller scale.
    i do also believe that cobain was a fragile individual which made the above even worse for him. it wasn't just fame and the music business he couldn't handle. it was life, itself.
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  8. rayzor added a post in a topic Panthers.com spotlights Lee Ward   

    people who make these comments aren't thinking about brockel.
    this isn't a case of ward vs. tolbert.
    this IS a case of ward vs. brockel (if there is a limit/quota on positions).
    i agree with this.
    considering the asset ward would be to not just the run game but protecting cam, i can see his value being greater than some of the more fringe depth players.
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  9. rayzor added a post in a topic Would you take these passing stats for Cam this season?   

    lol, that was barely better than last year after missing two games and playing a huge chunk of the season hurt, with receivers he never threw to before (barely getting time with them preseason) and a crap OL.
    bleacher report. meh.
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  10. rayzor added a post in a topic Holy Frijoles! The 2015 Sporting News Pro Football prediction issue   

    this mindset needs to stop.
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  11. rayzor added a post in a topic Son, when I was your age....   

    i think i found your problem. giving kids more stuff doesn't keep them entertained. people get bored with gadgets. thats why they are always trying to update. kids do the same thing. it's an addiction that will never be filled.
    i think the vacation from all that stuff is a step in the right direction. it might help him realize that there is life away from that stuff. hopefully he won't go running back to it when you're done.
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  12. rayzor added an answer to a question Crocs shoes are...   

    i love them. i used to care what other people think, but i've gotten smarter. comfort over other peoples opinions of my choices in apparel.
    i'm 45 and i don't care if you laugh.
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  13. rayzor added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    $150k is a nice chunk of change for doing nothing. sure, he could have wound up with more if he had invested blah blah blah. but truthfully, how much do you actually NEED to get by on comfortably? $150/year is more than enough. and if it isn't, you're doing it wrong.
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  14. rayzor added a post in a topic Son, when I was your age....   

    my daughter is allowed to use my tablet for only about an hour a day while school is in. on break that is extended by an hour or two. she doesn't really watch tv much. she wants her own tablet and she's talking about getting her own phone, but she's only 7 and she won't be getting a tablet for a couple more years and she won't get a phone until she's driving. i'll do the same thing with my 10 month old when she gets older. I've seen all to often the problem that comes with having too much technology so young. it keeps them from living life. my daughter runs around with her cousin outside and does a lot of the things i used to do when i was a kid.
    imo, the reason kids don't have an imagination and are so stuck to devices is because we allow it and buy that crap for them. it's also the example we set for them. they always want/demand/expect the newest  gadgets because we adults do it. we are addicted to tech and can't function without it. that's what our kids see and what they are becoming. it's not a good thing.
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