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  1. it's also not a good idea to piss off the guys you need to talk to so that you can pay your bills. the way voth is going he's not just going to be public enemy #1 in the base you get most of your clicks from, but to the team you hitched your wagon to. i mean it's just not a good look. and yes, i'm going to keep driving that into the ground.
  2. but the broncos just did. only one team scored on offense and it wasn't the team that won. had it not been for that blown catch call, the broncos wouldn't have scored at all. we wouldn't have been back at the goal line for cam to lose the ball and them recover in the end zone. that one bad call won (or at least put them in position to win) them the game, not their defense. definitely not their offense. i don't think it was a conspiracy by the NFL against the panthers that we lost that game, but the broncos won because they had on officiating crew that they were 6-0 with because they gave the broncos the benefit of the doubt. i don't think they realized it, but they were. it clouded their ability to be objective. when forced to guess (like they did on the cotchery call) they went in favor of the orange and blue.
  3. here's the thing, who says he's acting like a baby and what makes them the authority? is it ok for him to act like a baby? no. has he been? no.
  4. we've had some horribly reffed games this year, but that is turning into the worst. and that was supposed to be the best crew from this past year? lol  
  5. i don't think he's acting like a baby. i think he's tired of playing that game with the media and so he's just not playing anymore. i don't blame him.   and if you're talking about him showing that he's upset about losing, why in the world should he pretend it doesn't bother him? what benefit is it to anyone other than to make them feel more comfortable to pretend that you aren't bothered by losing the most important game of your life?
  6. And the press will continue to be as fickle as ever constantly waiting for him to trip so they can do their self righteous happy dance. Many around the league will continue to whine, frustrated and desperate soccer moms will continue to write letters, banners will be torn down, and fat emo fans from other teams will keep starting petitions to have him banned from their stadiums while he keeps on winning. It's all good.
  7. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    Of all the positions I think we need to address, RB in FA is not one. RB in the draft. Get your mileage out of them while they're young and cheap. Let someone else pay for them on their downward spiral. Any other position I would be fine with in FA.
  8. Other teams early cuts

    I think this is exactly what will happen. Players will be telling their agents to find a way to get them here. We've already seen this happen some, but it will be more prevalent after going to superbowl and the general consensus is that we will be back soon.
  9. I dont doubt this, but after  the treatment hes Been getting from the media since he was in Auburn, can you blame him? All he has known about the media is they want to tear him down and he hasnt exactly been wrong. The media tried to assainate his character right from the beginning. he knows how fickle they are and what their true intent is and what they are willing to do to get it. Hes combative because all theyve done is attack him for most of his time in the public eye. Hes got every right to not trust any of them and i fully believe his teammates and coaches know and understand this.
  10. I understand what Jeremy said about being independent and paying your way out there and upset that you didn't get the whole experience you were hoping for and I think he's understandably taking it personally, but it wasn't personal. Cam is a human and we all act and react differently to things and an allowance needs to be made for that, especially in that setting. What voth is doing, though, is being a bit hypocritical. Hes reacting like a child who didn't get his way by calling cam a child for not getting his way. Dude needs to let it go and hope he doesn't burn any bridges while he's doing his whining. The number of press that cam and maybe the rest of this team decides to open up to about anything is going to be diminishing after the media's over-reaction to cam walking out. Voth is only shooting himself in the foot by taking the role of adversary which is exactly how he's going to be viewed if he keeps this poo up. It's just not a good look for someone trying to get up close and personal to the team to get the real scoop. They're going to start shutting him down and give him the Joe person treatment and as an independent, he really can't afford for that to happen.
  11. Deserves a standing ovation. Well said.
  12. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    I feels it, I do. I feels it.
  13. Priorities. Its amazing what the press choose to rage over. Whatever gets the  most clicks.