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  1. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    i believe you might climb up the ranks to "almost useful"...and with farachlombardi providing therapy, you just make make it! haha
  2. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    just so you know....most here have been fans of the anthers for years. if we were going to quit on them, we would have long ago. we've also been fans long enough to recognize patterns and the trajectory that this team is on is not a positive one and, if it isn't corrected soon, will get ugly. contrary to what you are believing, this team is not doing very well. this offense is bad and getting worse. shula has only had one season of success in all the years he's had a chance to run the show. that's not a good track record. his defenses have always been low scoring (with the exception of 2015), low on yardage gained, on first downs, and pretty much every other benchmark with the exception of maybe ToP. he's just not good. when we hired him as a QB coach...he wasn't exactly my first choice. probably not even in the top 10 because his track record with QBs has been pretty abysmal. he's been benefiting from cam's natural talent since the day he got here.
  3. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    not an alt. just a very entertaining newb. this thread reminds me of this scene from the old peter pan musical for some reason...
  4. mike shula has the don shula pedigree. just throwing that in for discussion.
  5. Panthers Are Working Out Kickers

    We kept gano for the same reason we keep shula...."consistency." This is what happens when you cherish the status quo.
  6. And with that you go bye bye. Should have done it days ago.
  7. I'm just curious if he labels me a lib because I think Trump and his fan club are jokes. I'm probably more in line with libertarian thinking than anything but I definitely definitely don't confine myself to traditional conservative or liberal corners.
  8. i guarantee you he has no sympathy for americans hurt there and his response would be "well, they shouldn't have been there in the first place. they knew the risks. ce'st la vie." to which the followers in his cult of personality would respond,
  9. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    that's what i saw with fox after his superbowl run here. he just stopped. then his message got old. i started picking up on it in '06 and by '07 i was done. the 08 season was a fluke, but ended exactly the way it should have been expected for the same reasons...why change what we do when it worked before? i think with ron it's actually been worse. he'd learn and then he'd step back from it and revert to previous modi operandi.
  10. i start seeking out browns fans for advice on how to be a fan of a team that consistently shoots itself in the foot.
  11. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    i had started writing a much longer post about how, just from a leadership perspective, he's horrible but i'm just not in the mood. basically it comes down to this...i think he has good intentions, but he either doesn't have the guts or the ability to take it to the next level, at least not consistently. when it comes right down to it, he's got tunnel vision and is too caught up in the status quo (what he calls consistency). in his initial press conference that mr. scot eluded to, we saw what he was advertising as a coaching philosophy that was very aggressive for being a defensive minded coach. i was never in favor of hiring another DC to be HC because they have a proven tendency to be more conservative in the game planning and management. i needed to see aggression and coming from the jim johnson school of defense, i thought he might just be able to pull it off. we've seen that a couple times (earning the name riverboat ron), but not consistently. there has always been a regression to his more passive and conservative game management skills that, quite honestly, never showed a significant improvement like we had hoped. there's a lot of things i value in leadership that i won't go into, but there are some things that are absolute killers that i think rivera has exhibited in spades that negate any positive things he brings to the table. lack of follow through on vision (well intentioned, but unable or unwilling to follow through on what he sets out to do in the beginning of each season) too accepting of poor performances from his staff (mainly on the offensive side of the ball. shula has had one year of a successful offense in all the years (10?) he's had control of the show. he's got a 10% track record of success. at some point you've got to see that maybe it's not just the personnel...it's the one making the decisions. also matsko as running game coordinator? he's got the worst OL and the worst run game we've probably ever had right now. he should pull the plug on that, but who here thinks he will? inability to take the blame and a lack of accountability...that's a real killer. he and shula habitually publicly deflect all of it onto the players. you just can't do that. kills morale. kills confidence. kills the team. i could go on and on....but essentially he's just not a good leader. i don't think he has the team's back. i think he's got his assistant coaches back and that's about it. he needs to go because at this point and going forward he's going to do more harm than good. i felt early on that he should have game management responsibilities taken away from him until he gets a better grasp on it, but thought that he did a pretty good job of preparing the team for action. i think the team is less prepared this year than at any time in his tenure here and worse, he never got better at game management. he's a likable fellow, but he should go back to being a DC.
  12. you trying to break heroeshealers record for most threads created in a day?
  13. we lost to fox's ideal offense.
  14. trump was a fan of the old school hardline soviet union and the KGB and believed the worst thing they ever did was get soft. he's a big fan of heavy handed bully leadership like china showed they were in the tiananmen square massacre. of course he's going to be against anything that puts holds back putin's regime from brutally ruling. that ruling by might is what he thinks will make russia and america great again.
  15. he'd suck as a friend, too. dude throws his players under the bus consistently. no one needs that kind of friend.
  16. rivera's management of the team is devoid of discipline, and his playcalling and game management is beyond timid. he's got piss poor management and leadership skills. shula's head is just stuck up his ass. both have to go.
  17. ron rivera is a perfect case study on how to totally blow it as a leader. no accountability whatsoever. deflect blame wherever possible. 100% clueless. not buying the "players coach" myth anymore.
  18. Hire Norv Turner

    pooped on the OP just because until this point he's been pooping on anyone suggesting there are any issues with the coaching staff.