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  1. no. not even close. i think you have, though, established yourself as the resident carpetbagger, so congrats on that
  2. Merging with the other Judas thread
  3. And I'll be pulling for the pats to lose. Nothing more needs to be read into that.
  4. Only way I pull for Pats is against the saints and then I'm mainly hoping for the ground to open up beneath the and swallow them both up. Just can't pull for the pats.
  5. Playstation vue

    and btw, PSvue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sling tv. i went back and forth between dish and direct for nearly 15 years. when i cut the cord, i wanted something that was pretty close to what we had from the satellite companies. the major reason is my parents live with us (big house so we don't stumble over each other at all) and they've got shows and networks they were used to watching. i got rokus for all the tvs and then of course got netflix and amazon (those two make up most of what my wife and kids and i watch), but then tried sling because it had live streaming. it had a few channels that my parents were used to watching, but then several other just weird ones. i tried out PSvue on the roku and it was pretty much everything that we had on satellite, even had a "DVR" option for shows they liked to record. it took a little for them to get used to, but it's pretty much like satellite or cable for a whole lot less. the package i've got is $45 a month and i've been able to watch every game. quality has been just fine. i can't really stop live plays and rewind, but that's not all that big of a deal. fwiw, PSvue counts as a service provider so when you are on roku or something like that and there's some channels you want to watch you have to have a service provider for, just log in using the PSvue account.
  6. he was. that account showed up in one of my more generous moods. wanted to see how long it took for him to revert to his chuckiness. i guess i found out.
  7. yes. why the change?
  8. Punishment coming soon

    i don't think anyone in here thinks we fugged up. all the criticism is going towards the BS coming from the inconisitent league in making an issue of this, esp. when they seem to have no problem with guys taking shots at cam's head on a regular basis.
  9. Playstation vue

    i'm a fan. got to watch them all.
  10. Is Ludwig a scumbag

    The fact that you have to ask....
  11. Relive the moment

    I've watched those last couple minutes quite a few times on YouTube. My 10 year old daughter has asked to watch it a few times on her own. She loved watching Payton fall after the way he was acting.the down side is I think she's a Vikings fan now. Her favorite color is purple and they just did something cool so I guess that's reason enough. Could be worse...she could be a saints fan.
  12. seriously, how hard a concept is this to grasp? instead our plan has been to come up with a plan, hope that we can get our guys to fit it and if they don't...keep doing it anyways and then (at least on the forums) bitch about how someone else would fit that plan better. screw all that. fit what you want to do to who you've got right now. would what we were doing run better with two good TEs? maybe. that's not what we've got. non-issue. look at your personnel, find what works best with them. OL can't do what you want them to do? ok...you've got three choices, keep doing it anyways, try to change out your personnel, or find what works with the guys you've got. smh
  13. I hate that I was right about him, but from the first mention of him coming in as QB coach I didn't have a good feeling. Making him OC was a horrible decision. It's a shame chud took norv out from under our noses, but as soon he was available again we should have nabbed him. oh well...he's here now and shulas is gone. My optimism is growing again.
  14. I can't believe we wasted so much time and talent with Shula. Pisses me off. Can't wait to see a guy that actually knows what he's doing and knows how to use his personnel correctly.
  15. fixed/clarified/updated the OP and title
  16. Best Team in NFC South

    no rings. that's going to bug me. when we've got more rings...yeah, then i'll feel like we're the best in the division.
  17. Best Team in NFC South

    i fixed it.
  18. i agree about norv being the best...not sure i agree about haley. i mean haley's good, but trouble/drama follows him and i think the idea behind this thread would be a lot more relevant and outcome potentially a lot more disastrous than what it would be with norv. haley i think would be a personality more likely to clash with cam. i don't know if it would be as bad as it is with big ben because i think ben is pretty drama prone himself and a bit more of a diva than cam as far as the "it's my way or the highway" mindset goes. i think norv very well could be about the most perfect guy to work with cam and help him grow without issues coming up. he won't be cam's buddy, but he also won't be cam's adversary. i see him more in a mentor role.
  19. this. and still so much better than anyone else from the nfcs or the pats or the steelers or the seahawks winning it. would be great to see some other team pull it off. i wish it was us and we've had our chances, but there's more annoying teams who could be winning it.
  20. i was never much of a state fan, but that moment was absolutely magical, esp. Jimmy V running around looking for someone to hug. that was pretty much the first year i really got into watching the tournament and it got me hooked. couldn't ask for a better ending to it.
  21. Probably not. It all depends on what norv wants to do, but even with that I don't think he's the best option. I think he's part of the continuity club. CMC should probably be spending equal time with WRs though, just like I think Samuel should probably spend time with RBs as well. I'd love to see those guys somewhat interchangeable.
  22. these two were the ones that popped in my mind first and pretty much immediately.