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  1. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Read through all 9 pages and saw no mention of her career being "Making sh** up to cause drama".
  2. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

      In the article's comment section (normally dangerous to read), someone found this woman's LinkedIn Profile. I will try to link it here,  BOOM!. She works as a Creative Writer for Public Relation firms... if you ask me, this is all fabricated. She possibly doesn't even have a child, because lets face it... What kid age 3-12 isn't a Cam Fan. This woman's career should be railroaded and blacklisted for this BS slander!!! They want to witch hunt Cam because he is winning and having fun, let's witch hunt right back.
  3. Any time you need design work, let me know. Send me a PM and I can give you my contact info. I've just started doing design work full time at home as a freelancer. Looking to bring in more clients. And of course I could work out a better deal than $25/hour
  4. I'll charge any Huddler $25/hour... Any design they want.
  5. See me post above /\ /\ /\
  6. I designed it for him(Notice I made it extremely hard on the eyes). Charged $500 and just got it printed for $25 at Walmart. I made some christmas present money... He gets 15 mins.
  7. Need your help naming a beer

    Awesome! Yeah, jut let me know something. You can shoot me a private message and I'll give you my email.
  8. Need your help naming a beer

    If he needs some help designing the label, let me know. I would Looooove to do these graphics.
  9. Cardiac Cats Wallpaper for PC and iPhone

    I will try to update the wallpaper each week the streak continues  
  10. After last nights thrilling game and the definite return of the Cardiac Cats, I was inspired this morning to create a wallpaper for my computer and phone. It's far from my best work, but what do you expect off a couple of hours of sleep. Also, if you have an iPhone with Dynamic Backgrounds (the moving background), the wallpaper is optimized for that style. Hope you all enjoy. And 7 and Ooooooooooh!!!!!   Link for PC Wallpaper   iPhone Wallpaper (Below)
  11. Lol my wife is more field goal post... I, on the other hand, am like Tolbert. Short & Stocky 
  12. Whenever we sit together, our super jealous 3 year old come running and jumps on both of us. Makes it really hard to watch the game with a bouncing baby's face in the way.
  13. I have no issues with watching the games with her as she as almost as diehard as I am. The problem in my comfort has been striped from me by the football gods.
  14. I'm not usually a superstitious fan. But this season I have had to give up something dear to me for the greater good of the team. Let me explain. Week 1, I was at home with my daughter while my wife and son ran to the store to pick up some much needed supplies in the 2nd quarter. Once they left, Cam gets picked and Luke gets injured. It was a dark time. When my wife got back halftime had just ended, she put up groceries while I was explaining what she missed and she sat down in MY Lay-Z Boy Double Recliner. THE NEXT PLAY... NORMAN... PICK 6... RIDING DELTA!!! She remained in the recliner for most the rest of the game and we got the W. The next week: 1st quarter she sat on the couch... No luck for the Panthers. Then she got up to get a drink, sat down with me for a minute... BOOM! Ginn TD! She got up to get our son some lunch... Cam gets picked at the endzone. I started to see a pattern. This went on for the past 5 weeks. If things got too bad I would move to the old rocking chair a little closer the the TV and invite her to take my recliner. She sits down.... Something good happens for the Panthers. Fast forward to Sunday Night. I made sure she started the game sitting in my chair and things went great! Then it was bed time for the kids. She got up to do the bed time ritual and Cam throws a INT/Fumble/Ginn Catch? Everytime she would get up, Cam threw a Pick. The final straw was when she started having a hard time keep her eyes open and got up to go to bed... Kuechly down with (what looked like at the time) a serious arm injury. I (gently) asked her to sit back down and I would get out the old heated blanket and she could sleep there in my chair until the game was over. She laid down in the Lay-Z-Boy and Luke ran back on the field.    TLDR: Every time my wife sits in MY Lay-Z-Boy Double Recliner, the Panthers do good. If she gets up or sits anywhere else, something bad happens. Now I'm stuck watching the games in eight an old rocking chair or sharing the couch with my two kids or 3 Corgis.
  15. Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"

    Thanks. I have brought up my kids with Panthers Football in their blood. Every year we go to training camp, fan fest, and at least one game. If we have a primetime game, the kids know they get to stay up until the last play even though it's a school night.