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  1. Here's a good write up on him
  2. Quotes from Panthers as Phase One of the offseason begins

    Word of advice to ya GJ, Do not talk about things you do not know about.
  3. Quotes from Panthers as Phase One of the offseason begins

    I will talk about Cam if I so choose. This is your 3rd personal insult. You have insinuated that I was making Cam out to be a p++++. and that you think I'm an idiot and the one quoted above. Stuff like this shouldn't happen here.
  4. Quotes from Panthers as Phase One of the offseason begins

    I am not making Cam out to be a p++++. Don't know how you came to that conclusion. Please explain? .
  5. Quotes from Panthers as Phase One of the offseason begins

    Cam is not weak and he obviously will talk to the media. That doesn't mean he likes to talk to the media. 2 entirely different things. His rookie year he didn't want to talk to ESPN because of the comments made about him in the pre draft process. He did an interview with Hannah Storm on ESPN and he flat out vilified ESPN. I response to that interview, the media spun things against him again. Cam is not afraid to talk to the media and he is not weak but I don't think he likes the media. Plenty of evidence to support that.
  6. Quotes from Panthers as Phase One of the offseason begins

    Have you talked to Cam and asked him whether or not he likes to talk to the media GJ?
  7. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    I've watched the 1st 2 games of Oher from last season. If you watched them, you would definitely say he's a lot better than Bell. NFL Game Pass is the poo
  8. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Houston was about 4 yards behind Locker on the play. Get rid of the football Locker. Thank you for showing me that a 2nd time.
  9. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    I just watched the 1st game of last season. Titans vs Chiefs. Oher's run blocking is terrible. I was laughing at his run blocking a lot. His pass blocking is very good though. He handled Justin Houston like a pro. He gave up 1 sack to Justin Houston but it wasn't his fault. Locker should of gotten rid of the ball but he held on to it and Houston got a sack. After watching that game, I was really impressed with Oher's pass blocking.
  10. Panthers Mock Draft Rounds 1 - 3

    I don't think Collins will be there at 25. There are no safeties worth a first round pick after him. I wouldn't be surprised if we picked up a strong safety in FA.
  11. Mini Camp Update

    Roman was in New Orleans yesterday b/c his wife was giving birth.
  12. Talking Punt Returners

    Cason did well in San Diego in 2010 returning punts. Sproles got injured and he took over punt returning duties for the last 4 games. 16.5 average per punt. Ginn in the Saints game made a big fair catch prior to our last drive. The Saints punter kicked it short and if it hit the ground the field position for that last drive would have been a lot worse. Hopefully Cason can be as good as Ginn.
  13. Accelerated Maturation for Hardy

    Couldn't find a news report about a recent DUI by Greg Hardy. You might be mistaken Zod.
  14. Carolina Panthers Kenjon Barner Rising

    I'm beginning to think the best place to draft a running back is in the 6th round. Alfred Morris last year maybe Kenjon Barner this year.