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  1. Olsen : I want an extension, I'm a Top 3 TE, I'm a leader, I love Carolina and want to retire here GMan: I know, I know, Greg...but cap space. You're going to have to work with us here Olsen: Ed Dickson GMan: Here's a blank check, Greg.
  2. AB wants to play with Cam = Confirmed
  3. ATL had what, 0 injuries on the OL last year? It was something ridiculous. Injury wise, the law of averages will kick in and hurt. Freeman's contract could be an issue this summer. They lost a lot of coaches. Super Bowl hangover. Yeahhhh, a lot in place to bring them back down to the median where they belong.
  4. Helluva trade from Cho...don't even care that Howard is a diva shell of himself at this point. 31 might be a nice slot (if) Tony Bradley is still around as well and CHA stays put. As others have echoed though...a lot of nice role players around. Could see them packaging somebody at a pick to move on up, whether into the Top 10 or into the 20s.
  5. Turner and Norwell are top priority. As it's been echoed. no OL? Good luck winning games. Cam has to be protected, and with the uncertainty at OT...we need to keep the middle of the line intact. 11-12 for Trai, 7-8 for Norwell maybe? Star will be interesting. Doesn't seem like a dude who will command or chase top dollar, and no clue what his market value will even be. Probably 8-10 million in FA...I think he'll stay for 7-8. Regardless, we're going to need some draft picks to step up and replace some guys...KB, Trai, Norwell, Star, etc...somebody with name recognition won't be here much longer.
  6. That's awful. You've made money, beat the odds, etc. I get the Panthers wanting him to come back (potentially), but just tell that dude to hang it up and let him hang around the team or something. Even if Oher comes back to play...he can't be counted on at this point. Do what's best, and retire.
  7. One of my favorite games of all time. Poured a TON of hours into it, finished the main story line, and didn't come close to playing all the side quests. Also, may or may not have gotten addicted to playing Gwent (?) the card game anytime I played. Such a great game with a ton to do and keep you interested.
  8. OP lost their own the OP. Solid work in this thread.
  9. CAP always being inactive and never getting love from the staff is worrisome, but I've never gotten a lot of the Fozzy love since he's a JAG. Drafting CMC and even Samuel (who can both do his job better than him I'd say) is worse news for Fozzy than CAP to me. CAP isn't great, but he's the only "power" back behind Stewart. CMC cancels Fozzy out. CMC gets hurt? Samuel can do a lot of the same stuff out of the backfield. Just don't see the value Fozzy brings anymore after the draft we just had. The staff will probably disagree with me, but if Fozzy is getting the wheel routes and screen passes instead of CMC or Samuel, shoot me now.
  10. Weird how time has "healed" things in my head with Vick. Hated him in ATL, hated him for the dogs...but then was happy to see him turn his life around and happy he's retiring with the Falcons. Any big time player who means so much to a franchise, deserves to retire there. Good for him, and the Falcons. Now I hope they get demolished in the game he's honored at.
  11. It's an interesting idea at an article that said we're sitting on $127 trillion in assets that are under ground (oil, gas, minerals, etc.) That said...I also don't know if I like the idea of selling off fossil fuels that are running out. When that time comes, World War ____ occurs, and whoever has the last drops of oil wins.
  12. Norwell is going to get more money than Turner, solely because Gettleman will be scared to low ball
  13. Evolved offense?? Where's my old "Cam run up the middle" play?
  14. Welp. Hopefully a serviceable OT is cut or even traded for at this point...can't go into the season relying on essentially 3 unknowns protecting Cam. Moton - Would think he will be raw D. Williams - Unproven, but hopefully surprises and finds consistency Kalil - A hyped up name...but the injuries and nobody honestly knows what we're getting there.
  15. Few plays get me as excited as a big WR block...keep this up in Panthers colors, and I'll love this dude.