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  1. Give it up for Wilks!

    Imagine if we had stayed aggressive the entire 4th quarter? We wouldn't have been in that mess.
  2. People who hate on Bersin....
  3. The defense would look beautiful is Keenum wasn't RW Jr. out there
  4. Yeah...this is good. Let's keep doing this.
  6. Beautiful defensive play...had both options sniffed out
  7. Keep Pounding, ladies and gents. Today could be the season
  8. Cameron Artis-Payne

    Don't worry, at the rate his career has gone, he'll be the starter when he's 30 and RR finally trusts him. Fresh legs and all that
  9. Who do we root for thursday night?

    Need NO to beat Atlanta both times to end the year...then we can worry about getting another crack at NO in the playoffs.
  10. Probably along the lines of, "Don't want to push it, liked where we were at, getting the ball after half with a chance to tie it up"...or some chicken poo answer along those lines. Even if they just throw the ball on first down to see, NO didn't have the timeouts to get the ball back should we run/kneel on 2nd/3rd. Rivera, Shula, whoever have no balls.
  11. We still control our destiny for #2 seed

    Yeah not too hopeful on being a top 2 (IMO)...too many tough games left (Vikings, @NO, @ATL, GB *potentially*). We'll drop 1-2 games I say. Just get in, just get in, just get in.
  12. If not for a couple bad weeks, Cam would have to be in MVP conversations with Wentz IMO. Numbers haven't always been pretty, but he's sprinkled in some amazing games, and has looked like the best player in the league for a few weeks this season. Hell, even if we could just reverse the Chicago game, give Cam good numbers there, and the team is 8-3, with Cam having three to four player of the week type games. And oh yeah...he's doing this installing a "new" offense, lost his #1 (and eventually #2 weapon), has been essentially the ENTIRE run game, recovering from injury, without training camp. Might not be this year, but Cam is coming back for his MVP trophy next year.
  13. Who to root for/against, Week 11 Version

    Yeah doubtful many spots ever go to using SOS as a tiebreaker...let's just hope our division rivals continue to lose. Not to mention, I'd honestly rather play Seattle than Atlanta in the playoffs. Seattle has the injuries, no OL, no run game, and Sherman is done. Their hope is Russell Wilson playing magician. Atlanta still has the potential to be dangerous if they get their poo together and run the ball well.