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  1. CarolinaNCSU

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    Yes, yes I did. The same Quinn Cook who was a 4 year guy, by no means a 1st round pick, good shooter, leadership, etc., who also helped lead his team to a decent NCAA run. Graham is a better college player than Cook...but Cook was the NBDL MVP, earned a spot on the Warriors, had some REALLY nice games filling in for Steph, earned the respect of Kerr, and helped the Warriors to some wins. When Graham puts up 30 pts in a game, or averages 14 and 4 for a month as a scrub in the league, talk to me. I get that your shtick is to be contrarian and arrogant to people who disagree with you. Whatever, I learned that long ago. Feel good with your large Internet penis (before you probably say how successful you are in life despite the fact you probably failed out of ECU and had trust fund parents you frat bro you), but I'm sorry there haven't been any UNC players worth a fug in the NBA to compare him to since I was in grade school. Oh yeah, I went to State what do we know about good NBA players, etc....covered that for ya.
  2. Was excited about Diallo...which means quickly he was shipped out. Stupid.
  3. I understand some zone, especially to hide corners and it fits the system at times. But my biggest issue with zone... It's not like we're playing the worst QBs in the league. In division, you get Brees and Ryan twice. Last year, we also played Brady, Stafford, Wentz, Rodgers, and even a guy like McCown in NY is smart enough to pick his spots against a zone. Like it or not, you HAVE to play more man now to not allow QBs the luxury of having their receivers sit alone 8 yards down field with nobody within 5 yards of them.
  4. CarolinaNCSU

    Miles Bridges

    Bridges has some A+ tweets being dug up tonight from years ago. Side note, Hami Diallo pick, nice 2nd round pick to me
  5. CarolinaNCSU

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    Really good college player, could carve out a Quinn Cook type niche for himself...but also seems like the Quinn Cook type guy who struggles, has a couple good weeks, and then sticks as a team's 10th man.
  6. CarolinaNCSU

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    I liked the player comp given to him (Shawn Marion)... But in today's league to even compete, Shawn Marion could be your what...4th best guy? I don't like drafting our potential 4th best guy in the 1st round, when FAs aren't going to be coming here. Again, moot point if Porter's medicals were crap. But if there was a chance he could get back to 100%, we botched it.
  7. CarolinaNCSU

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    I firmly believe though, that the Hornets are scared to tank or take risks....because Charlotte might lose them again. Tank, and you can't sell seats, so Seattle or someone comes calling. So, as above and as a decade has shown...be prepared for a 7th or 8th seed o at best, and 90% of the time picking in the lottery, out of reach of a star or choosing the wrong guy time and time again.
  8. CarolinaNCSU

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    I HOPE we hated his medical...because if the Hornets, who HAVE to try hitting a home run in the draft passed on a Top 4 talent then fug them.
  9. I'm all for Armah getting touches...but touches over McCaffrey, CJ, Olsen, Moore, Smith, Wright, Funch, Cam's runs, etc.? No poo he'll get better with PT, but I'd also like him to actually play more than 5 snaps in a game before he's getting plays called for him. The guy was a D-Eleven project pick who wasn't projected to get drafted so excuse me for side-eyeing his potential immediate usage, grown man saying herp derp on an online message board.
  10. CarolinaNCSU

    We are rebuilding and Kemba will be traded

    Ship out Kemba & #11 to somehow end up with #4 & pieces? I'm cool with it. Supposedly the Celtics are coming for the 4th pick though...and they've obviously got the most ammo.
  11. CarolinaNCSU

    E3 Recap

    Saw Twitter mention it...got a boner. Did research and saw it's minimum 3 years away or some bullshit...still jacked off.
  12. CarolinaNCSU

    Drug Testing in High Schools

    Will never happen. Granted I'm a teacher/AD in a small, rural part of Chatham County but still much more progressive than most places. Even we have had talks about LGBTQ rights, locker room issues, etc....now we're going to make kids piss in a cup while an adult is in there? As already said, drug test the teachers first because I've known a few who can't function on a day-to-day basis without a cocktail of pills to start their day.
  13. I'm all for getting Armah in the game more...more touches though? I mean, he's still incredibly raw so might slow my roll a bit there. He had what, one nice little dump down catch and run last year? Granted he was on the field a total of like 8 times.
  14. CarolinaNCSU

    Kevin Love to Charlotte?

    I say again in this thread...ALL YOUR GIANT WHITE GUYS BELONG TO US
  15. CarolinaNCSU

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Kemba & Mozgov for #8, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith...and I wish Hood's rights The move above saves Cleveland money, and they have some trade exceptions they can probably play with to sign a couple others. Also don't know how our trade exception from Mozgov is going to work in. BUT...all of this is probably a moot point since LBJ is leaving Cleveland. Poor Kemba if he is traded there, only for LBJ to bounce