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  1. If we trade back up into the 20s, sure. At 8...or in the teens? No thanks.
  2. I'll take Davis solely because of the injury concern around Ross. Like what Ross could bring, but a WR needs his knees. Preferably for more than a couple of years.
  3. Projected to go in the 20s or so, yes? Hmmmmm...
  4. If KB puts it together, 8 million is a steal. If he doesn't, it's 1 year of overpaying by a couple million. You pick it up.
  5. Or put the Panther logo at midfield, yes.
  6. If nothing else, it just hurts and reinforces what we all know. We've always had damn good talent here, leading to some of us always being optimistic, unrealistic expectations, etc. We just can't put it together.
  7. Damn damn damn. Get well soon, Cam. Makes sense seeing as how last season went, his accuracy drop off, him looking uncomfortable, etc. at least. Get the body healed, and then get to work with the WR. Oh, and all costs, get this man an OL that can keep him upright next year. Ron/Shula, stop running him for stupid reasons. It's getting ridiculous how many injuries he's racking up.
  8. This show is so much better when you accept what it has become...background noise where you poke your head up every few minutes.
  9. May have been mentioned in this thread, but I will always think back to the game this last season (sorry, mind blanking on the game), where the offense has the ball, in rhythm, with a lead....1:30 or so on the clock and Cam is waiting on the play call, wanting to go for the kill. He gets the call, late, and it's a run. Cam literally yelled at the sideline, said some bad words, and barely gave a damn running the clock out before just walking off the field before the last play was even over. Whether that's a Ron call or not, I have and still think the players disagree with Shula...a lot. That's a problem.
  10. OT, WR, S Going forward, DE.
  11. I just pray to see less and less of the cushion we give teams in zone. Let our DBs play up more this year...enough giving teams a 7-8 yard pass all day long.
  12. Would like to see Switzer here with the right pick, I just don't think we could use him the right way. He's tiny, Cam's accuracy issues, just don't know about it. In a Sproles type role/return man? Sure. But his ceiling as a WR here I don't know. Byrd seemingly won't make the roster again, and he's got a lot of the same tools. And he's an inch taller.
  13. If true, poor Fournette. Once they move to London and he's coming off his rookie contract maybe he'll be a Panther. But seriously, as much as I LOVE the idea of Fournette...8 can, and will be spent a little "smarter" I think. Adams, Thomas, or Howard. Grab a RB later, and if all else fails...there will be plenty of decent FA RB options left it seems.
  14. Probably locking up our own guys, but... With the Tre Boston trade rumors...maybe Boston and a pick, for a nice, proven OT. /dream.
  15. An extra wrinkle advocating for Howard at 8 is of course the run blocking...but hell, just having another massive human chipping on the outside or staying in to pass block, so it frees Olsen up to run routes? Win-win. I mean, Olsen was staying in during plays in the SB to block. Imagine if he were running routes instead. IF the OL struggles again...having Howard helps a helluva lot more than a WR.