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  1. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    I may have drunkenly missed it, but I was pissed none of our jet sweep options were called.  Run Ginn or Philly across with Cam/Stew in the backfield, Tolbert too if you want, and keep them guessing.   But naaa, let's run it up the gut. 
  2. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Before this season, I thought we were still a year away from a SB. We overachieved this year...but next year?  Yeah, we'll be winning the whole damn thing. 
  3. Olivier Vernon and Eric Weddle please and thank you. 
  4. Good season, folks

    Yeah, this fuging sucks.  But, congrats Broncos.   We'll be back next year
  5. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    ESPN was pretty split with their picks, with maybe an edge to Denver. 
  6. Keep Pounding Drum

    Would love for it to be Braylon   Voth said he's asked Steph twice, and he's neither confirmed nor denied it. Cool with Steph if he does, though. 
  7. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Keep Pounding, and win the damn thing. I want nothing more than to come home heavily intoxicated and pie everyone on this site. 
  8. Why is football popular?

    Gambling, beasts/best athletes in the world, parity (the whole any given sunday jazz), it's fun, tailgating, and gambling again.
  9. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    For those who haven't seen it, why not link Ted Cruz's daughter refusing a hug from dad.  Can't wait to see her "Congrats, Dad" hug.    
  10. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    Instead of taking responsibility for his shitty stance, Deion turned a Norman comment into how it's good to be a dog, he would want his son to be a dog, the two gentleman agreed dogs are good, and they complimented each other.   Basically, JNo called Deion out, Deion danced around it, some weird compliments/gibberish happened that had nothing to do with Josh's point, they let it go and dapped it up. 
  11. It's real now

    Yeah it's weird...I'm nervous about the game, but there's still a calmness about it to me. I'm not like some around, predicting a damn blowout, but I just feel like if we show up and play our game, it's a win. The Vegas money scares me more than anything the Broncos have, but hell, let them get a little backdoor cover as long as Cam is hoisting the Lombardi.    Too much talent, too much heart, and too many forces going our way to let (IMO) a good but not great Broncos team beat us. 
  12. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Deion wanted NO part of that conversation. 
  13. Comparing '94 49ers to '15 Panthers

    Damn, I don't know much about the 94 San Fran team, but they seem like a helluva comparison on the surface 
  14. Which way would you prefer to win?

    It would be cool to see Cam lead a 4th quarter comeback, but my heart couldn't take that poo.   Blow-out is obviously the preferred method, but just win. 
  15. Compensatory pick?

    Pats, Ravens, and Seahawks look to be big potential winners of comp picks (prob more, just quickly scanned).   Sucks we won't get anything, but, not exactly complaining with the FA finds we had.