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  1. I read into DG probably not trading up...and us being supposedly so attached to McCaffrey/RB comments
  2. Happy to have multiple picks early, unless a smokescreen, rules out trading up I would think. McCaffrey at 8 is happening.
  3. You take that trade, then move back up with all the ammunition you got. Package whatever the hell you want and jump back into the mid 1st. Easy yes to that trade.
  4. Trading up, even though I don't like it, has it's rationale... 1. If they believe Fournette is a transcendent talent 2. A worry I have...can McCaffrey be a featured back? Again, Stew is our lead back...the same Stew who is aging, and always injury prone. McCaffrey would add wrinkles to our offense with Stew in it. And when he's not? Who's getting the majority of our carries? Still don't like a trade up because of the price. But we're in a win-now mode. Fournette means we're still pounding away if/when Stew goes down. McCaffrey? Not so much.
  5. Alright, I know there are a couple of fellow fans on the board... Just watched the premiere of season 3 and seems like we're in for some interesting stuff to end this show (sadly). I'm still digesting/need to watch the premiere again...but any thoughts out there as to what's happening or coming? Kevin da gawd? Dogs taking over? I mean, Nora did scratch her back a lot...
  6. Wait, people are complaining about keeping Star, KK, and Butler? I mean, Star won't command that much. Butler is on his rookie deal for 4 more years...exactly when KK and Star will be a candidates to cut or restructure and Butler can cash in.
  7. Do that, give me a WR for one of the OL picks though, and grab Butt (hehe) if he's still around later and call it a draft.
  8. OP's thoughts on RB, OT, WR in that order is my trade down pipe dream scenario... Trade 8 to the Browns, grab McCaffrey at 12, pick up a 2nd. Package two 2nd rounders to get back into the 1st for Ramcyzk or Bolles (though Bolles has some issues I think) Use our other 2nd for Zay Jones or Chris Godwin, call it a day. Obviously a lot could flip and change here, should Ross or Barnett or one of the supposed top 15 guys drops into the 20s...but would love RB, OT, WR, then take some chances on defensive guys later in the draft. That said...don't think we'll go straight offense at the top of the draft.
  9. Think it's pretty much set in stone at this point...lines up with what Jeremy and anyone else has said, so not exactly breaking news... Tier 1 - Solomon T., Leonard F., Jamal A. Tier 2 (Likely) - Howard or McCaffrey
  10. If we miss on one of the big RBs or go a different direction, really hope we grab one of the local guys. Elijah Hood from UNC, or Matt Dayes from NCSU. Hood is a beast to tackle, has the pedigree from high school on, and Dayes has a nice mix of everything with plus pass blocking. Hood could be a 5th rounder or so, Dayes may even be an UDFA.
  11. I'm not huge on McCaffrey, but if you told me that could be out 1st two picks? Send up the cards.
  12. Not to mention, the bill for NC to secede also brought forth today. Anddd Alabama's bill, allowing churches to create their own police forces. Interesting times
  13. No, no, hell no. Everyone on the board would gladly take Garrett...but at the cost? We better win a title next year, because this trade could be a nice way to shut our window. Even if Garret turned into Peppers Part Deux... I'd rather have pick 8 (a potential pro bowler), our 1st next year (who knows where it winds up), our 2nd this year, quality starter material, and the couple of other picks of depth guys we'd be losing. If Gettleman made this trade...something tells me his job is tied to RR/Shula, mortgaging the future to "hopefully" win this coming season.
  14. Want Fournette, but not my trading up. He either falls into our lap, or we pass. Smokescreen season...but don't do anything crazy, Gettleman.
  15. Confederate flags and all? But seriously, seemed Greenville impressed everybody, outside of the few idiots. But it's still South Carolina.