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  1. Thank goodness. Need him at RT this year...if he can transition to LT? Helluva pick by Gettleman.
  2. Norwell is going to get more money than Turner, solely because Gettleman will be scared to low ball
  3. Evolved offense?? Where's my old "Cam run up the middle" play?
  4. Welp. Hopefully a serviceable OT is cut or even traded for at this point...can't go into the season relying on essentially 3 unknowns protecting Cam. Moton - Would think he will be raw D. Williams - Unproven, but hopefully surprises and finds consistency Kalil - A hyped up name...but the injuries and nobody honestly knows what we're getting there.
  5. Few plays get me as excited as a big WR block...keep this up in Panthers colors, and I'll love this dude.
  6. Cam having fun = wins Keep having fun
  7. This. KB has flashed his insane potential. Can't remember the game last year, but there was a stretch where Twitter was basically just a bunch of "wow", "if only he did this all the time", "if he ever learns to do this consistently...". Talent isn't the issue. He's every bit of Mike Evans (or better) when he wants it. Consistently wanting it is the next step. If that comes, he's officially a monster.
  8. Doubtful he plays much, but literally just tell him hey, this year, your main job is to protect #1. If you see somebody coming after #1, put him on his ass.
  9. As desperate as the 49ers are for WR help, the "big" UDFA bonus he got, and to be cut so soon? Something is up with him. Either off the field issues, or couldn't learn a thing. Hard pass if either are the case.
  10. Hopefully the movie is great...but still wish this was an HBO show instead.
  11. Doubt he'd be that expensive, not to mention, the money we save cutting Dickson? Not holding my breath, because it makes too much sense...but please get this done.
  12. Feel like maybe Proehl took that route because he was a "young" coach in ways, and he was mostly teaching young guys. He probably toed the line to be their friend more so than their coach at times. If true...yeah, hard to truly motivate a guy like Kelvin when he's overweight. Whatever the potential issue was...hopefully it's solved by some young talent being shipped out already and a coaching change.
  13. Vegas essentially had us as a playoff team, which I care more about.
  14. Would rather have kept him as depth...but can't say I'm surprised. We're trimming the fat of "young" guys who aren't progressing (Ealy, Boston) and we don't want to pay. KB and Funch, take note this year.
  15. Fancy IMDB page and all...awesome