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  1. ... I'm loving DJ as much as the next guy, but he's played a preseason game mostly against backups. AJ Green level? The 4th overall pick in Cam's draft. The one that since stepping foot in the league churns out 1,000 yards+ and 8 TDs every year with Andy Dalton and the Bengals coaching staff in charge? That's insanity. IF he magically turns into AJ Green, he'd also be a helluva lot more than the fourth option unless we somehow traded for Antonio Brown and Julio. Optimism is one thing...but sheesh.
  2. Cian has always been higher on the Panthers than most, and one of Cam's biggest defenders as far as accuracy goes. He essentially used Steph Curry and Deandre Jordan as examples to say nothing was wrong with Cam's accuracy and how completion percentage is smoke and mirrors. Article about CMC was originally behind a paywall btw, so hopefully he doesn't magically find this thread.
  3. CarolinaNCSU

    Reviewing 2017's offensive turnovers.

    Good stuff OP. The formula is simple...give Cam time, good decisions, few turnovers. We win. 2015 was a "fluke", but Cam was insanely good and the defense forced turnovers like crazy. Football doesn't have to be hard.
  4. CarolinaNCSU

    Tepper teases midfield logo change

    The logo will make its appearance this week I'm sure, but I still do wish they'd hold off until Week 1 for it to give a little extra oomph to the match-up
  5. CarolinaNCSU

    Hiding Profile Pics

    Echo the OP's thoughts here - Signed, middle school teacher who has had to scroll past the SpecialJuan multiple times.
  6. CarolinaNCSU


    NFL ratings aren't really down. TV and network ratings has a whole are down a lot, with NFL ratings dropping at a significantly less rate. NFL ratings arguably carried the networks last year, and will only go up with gambling in the pipeline. Not Fake News Numbers
  7. CarolinaNCSU

    Guice is done!

    Jesus why do people think CAP has ANY trade value? Every team has a CAP already.
  8. CarolinaNCSU

    Offensive line Combos

    IIRC Van Roten was decent during spot duty last year. We'll throw enough poo at the wall to stick at Guard, but just gotta pray for no injuries at OT....or that we find an upgrade sitting out there. Don't know how much he has left in the tank (recent Pro Bowls, though), but Donald Penn might be on the trading block in Oakland. If I'm Hurney, that's a move I might make.
  9. A lot of positives from offense/the weapons. And looks like we're going to need them to score all of the points to carry the defense if that mess continues.
  10. CarolinaNCSU

    Book Recommendations

    Three of my favorites. Kitchen Confidential is Bourdain's best, but his others are great too. Tucker's other books were okay, but nowhere near as good as his first. Also shout out for the Thriftbooks.com drop. I had no clue it existed, and just bought 5 hardcover Harry Potter's to complete my collection for 20 bucks.
  11. CarolinaNCSU

    Jourdan Rodrigue calls out Joe Person

    My life improved when I was blocked by Joe Person. Wish I could remember the tweet, but it was something so insignificant I don't see how Person lasts on Twitter.
  12. WTF. I've never seen this before, but wow.
  13. CarolinaNCSU

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    That was a pretty play, and pretty ball by Cam. If Cam had hit his couple Olsen targets, would've been a pretty good offense night against a really good defense.
  14. CarolinaNCSU

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    I don't care about giving up anything of value for one, but a decent vet would be great. If nothing else, Mark Sanchez would be nice since he's essentially another coach. If we play a backup like Teddy B. that people want, doesn't matter we're not winning anyway. Also the way the game has looked so far, give me a new defensive coordinator or defense before anything else.
  15. What's the old saying, "set them free and if they come back, it's meant to be" That's how I feel about keeping Amini. If he clears waivers, bring him back. If he doesn't, whatever.