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  1. Was such a weird case with Bene. I thought anyway that he showed promise early, then seemingly out of no where...he sucked. Julio took his soul that day.
  2. If it's DE, that feels like RR not valuing CBs/Secondary and thinking his system can hold up with a good pass rush. As usual, though...we've seen this before. QBs like Brees who get the ball out quick will pick this secondary apart, again. I guess that would mean the target is a guy like Davenport, Hubbard, Duke Ejifor (Would be such a Hurney move)? Only thing that makes this "make sense" to me is FA can still fill secondary holes, and we aren't done yet.
  3. A FA safety like Ron Parker isn't going to break the bank. Sign him. A leftover FA CB won't command more than a few million, if that. Sign one. That's 5 million or so, max, to secure a somewhat capable secondary, before drafting anyone. Sets up for BPA in the secondary, so we're not reaching for a CB or a S, and can grab one of if not both.
  4. Projected to have 64.5 million or so in cap space in 2019, but needing to re-sign D. Williams, Funch, Olsen (?), and replace TD, Kalil, Peppers, and maybe our LT after a potential June 1st cut of Matt Kalil (OTC says we save 8 million doing this). Going to be major changes for sure
  5. Secondary...

    Has anyone mentioned Ross Cockrell as an option? Played decent for the Steelers before going to the Giants after they traded for Haden, had 3 INTs this year. Played at Duke, from Charlotte, we're a little desperate and he'd be cheap. I don't see the downside.
  6. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    SIgned McCown Signed Bridgewater Drafting a QB at 3 Jets...that doesn't make much sense. They better nail their pick with the resources they have tied up or given away for a QB this offseason
  7. Secondary...

    Bradyberry, FA (maybe still Breeland), Draft Pick, Seymour, Captain, Corn Adams, Draft Pick, Ron Parker, Colin Jones It seems bad now (and is)...but if we end up with something like the above, we're better off than last year IMO
  8. I always love when we don't sign a guy and people freak out blaming our team. Maybe, just maybe...we did offer, and the guy didn't want to sign here? Crazy I know that a guy wants to play close to where he's from.
  9. What's left at CB

    One year deal with somebody as a stop-gap, and draft a CB high. I also have a hard time believing we still can't sign Breeland later, just on a shorter/cheaper deal once he gets the treatment he needs.
  10. Ebron's potential would be exciting, but I don't know what we would magically do to unlock it unless Olsen worked some voodoo on him. I mean literally this year, Lions fans sarcastically cheered simply because he caught the ball. Same issues that he had in college, will make an insanely athletic and difficult catch, only to drop the pass that hits him in the chest. Wiilson is the safe pick, and cheaper I think...so for immediate success I'm going with him.
  11. Quenton Nelson would like a word with someone else being called the best guard in the draft....because that's insanity. Also some of those names in those rounds seem to be dreams right now
  12. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    Makes too much sense if the money is right. Doesn't seem like he's ever commanded more than a few million, he's 30, he's local, he wants to be here.. Sign him now. Draft a safety still (worried that's the plan and the only plan), but sign Parker. Gives insurance if we don't land a safety, insurance for old man Adams, insurance so Colin Jones doesn't see the field much, etc.
  13. Every single year, for whatever reason, people are shocked at people getting overpaid. Next year, the Panthers will need _______. Half the board will tell the other half "you're not signing him for less than ______. They will scream and bitch and moan, and then days later see the light like so many have the last couple of days on Sammy Watkins and the like.
  14. Sadly I'm hyping myself up for this Rubin/Tsai/Curry team - - and will surely be disappointed by some random darkhorse candidate none of us have heard about
  15. Rubin and Tsai alone would be lovely, but I guess they're not willing to put up that much. The idea of Diddy is funny, but yeahhhhh not sure I want him doing anymore Instagram videos spouting off about the North Carolina Panthers and seemingly not knowing Cam Newton is our QB.