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  1. Yes. But also liking CMC so far, and his versatility which LF wouldn't provide on the same level. Also, LF would be dead behind our line, and CMC's running will (hopefully) take off once the line gets its poo together.
  2. Post Week 6 Power Rankings Thread

    For all of our issues, it helps when the league as a whole kinda sucks this year. Not to mention the two best teams (Chiefs and Eagles) are notorious chokers.
  3. What I want from the CARvsCHI game

    What do I want? A win A big game from Cam Defense - - IF without Luke, to excel Some semblance of a run game
  4. So you're coming to Chicago

    Stayed in Wrigleyville this summer on Addison St...point blank, Chicago is fuging great. Can't speak to much since I was only there for a few days (and drove), but didn't have a single issue other than needing a few months to actually explore everything. Giordanos, yes. Chicago dogs and various meats in tube form, yes.
  5. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    If Hurndog waived Worley to make room for Gilbert...Jeremy is going to be counting his money tomorrow
  6. Would love, but will never happen. Also, can't trade anything of substance for a guy one drug test away from the Josh Gordon treatment. 5th round max. Would rather trade for OL help, anyway. We have good targets, with Samuel not yet producing and Olsen being out...weapons haven't been the issue. OL & Secondary help are much higher needs.
  7. FINALLY they lose instead of luck being on their side. They're a handful of plays away from being 1-4...crumble, ATL, crumble.
  8. Looking at the next couple of games....

    For our sake, 7-3 going into the Bye HAS to happen (worst case). Getting the Jets out of the bye is a blessing...but the schedule gets tough to end the year.
  9. Ball Game Cam, you fuged up

    Cam had some bad throws...but we're BLOWN OUT if not for Cam in that game.
  10. Escape with this win, pray Luke is okay, and let's keep this poo going
  11. Kuechly concussions and Thursday night games...mother fuger. Can't run. Drops. Bouncing INTs. Kuechly out. Shut it down.
  12. More on my Dickson comment, but I kind of don't buy the YAC yet. Improvement, obviously...but... A lot of the YAC (and could be said for anyone), has been on busted plays by the defense (New England leaving KB WIDE open) or Dickson's one big day. KB and Funch have ran through some people and are hard to take down, but we still haven't seen a pure WR or RB making people miss IMO. If CMC or Samuel can step up and be that guy, beautiful.
  13. Carolina Top Receivers

    This year, nobody. Next year, Funchess.