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  1. Favorite songs about relationships

    Basically Glen Hansard's entire album from Once. Falling Slowly and Leave are some of the first songs that come to mind about relationships.
  2. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Was coming to post Jacoby Brisset, was beat to it. Will probably drop to us in the 5th, could pimp him out during preseason over the next couple of years and maybe trade him. Or, he's Cam's career backup and a decent poor-man's version of Cam coming out of college.
  3. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I think I've come full circle and now fully want Hunter tomorrow night. When all else fails, give me the clear cut best guy at his position, over the 4th or 5th option that has some issues in his game. There's secondary, DL, and a little WR depth in this draft, not so much at TE. Plus, the whole if Olsen were to get hurt thing? Yeah...really don't want to see what starting Ed Dickson does to this offense. Also another reason I'd be on board with Ryan Kelly if he's there at 30 as the successor to Kalil,
  4. Your final predictions (#30)

    We actually trade out, picking up a 2nd and 3rd. We take Ogbah, Hunter Henry, or Shepard in the 30-40 range. We trade up from our original 2nd round slot to take Derrick Henry. We grab Harlan Miller in the 3rd and another CB or S later. DG starts working the phones and brings in UDFAs that get the Huddle excited. In this scenario, both Vernon Butler and Ryan Kelly are off the board at 30 leading DG to not see a hogmollie he wants.
  5. Gettleman is about to draft Myles Jack AND Jaylon Smith to set the Huddle on fire
  6. I'm just hoping we kick in our 7th rounder in a trade this year, so Gettleman can start working the phones after the 5th. It's probably because of the role UDFAs have played on the team lately, but I almost love the few hours after the draft more than much of the actual draft. Always seems like a mad scramble and constant Twitter/Huddle refreshing to see who we can add.
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Doubt I'm doing any Earth-shattering deducing here and this is probably already widely on the Interwebsbut to me where I stand...aka, book people, is this theory the "right" one to you all? 1. Melisandre is the Red Priestess. Lord of the Light R'hllorfollower.The Fire God, fire symbols, yada yada. 2. Jon Snow is dead. But the R+L = J theory gives him some interesting fire attributes ('sup, Dany walking out of fire "reborn") 3. Mel can bring people back to life. Mel (to me) is going to sacrifice herself (helluva lot of power to sacrifice and do the job). 4. Mel is also from Asshai, which to me, sounds a lot like a figure in her religion prophesied to be reborn to defeat darknessand bring light back to the world. Azor Ahai, who will be reborn as the Prince yada yada. Mel thought it was Stannis, it's actually Jon because R+L. Jon is brought back, but not as Jon Snow...instead of Azor Ahai/The Prince That Was Promised/Jon Stark-Targaryen who will get Lightbringer (already has it?) and be the leader of the light side who fugs up the White Walkers/Others/Great Other. Yes?
  8. Paxton Lynch to the Saints?

    It makes sense for them to want a QB, especially one like Lynch who could really benefit bysittingfor a year. I thought that was what they were going for last year, though, with Garret Grayson in the 3rd. With a team constantly going all-in with their aging QB, trying to catch the Panthers, with a window closing...doesn't make much sense to grab a 3rd round and a Top 10 QB in back to back drafts with so many holes on that team. But I mean, I totally love the "strategy" there Saints...very Philly-esque of you. If they wantLynch in the Top 10, they should've been blowing up their cap, convincing Brees to take his massive amount of money to coach 'em up this year, not try signing guys like Josh Norman, and then let Brees leave town with his SB ring in tow. Seems they're trying to rebuild and compete at the same time, while half-assing (at best) both.
  9. Let's talk about safeties

    Way too many talented safeties in this draft it seems not to take one. 2nd-4th round, I'd fully expect to see us grab one. I've liked Cash since he was playing at Duke, but Neal and others work just fine with me as long as we come away with one. Not sold on Boston full time, and Coleman is in a contract year. HAVE to think Gettleman considers one as high as the 2nd.
  10. Wilson: Cravens under first-round consideration

    Some unexpected dude falls to 30, at a position that's not a desperate need...we take him. Gettleman then trades up in the 2nd for a Shepard, Cravens, Henry type. Hell, I could see GMan trading up twice this draft knowing what's already on the roster and having the extra 3rd comp pick next year. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we come out of this draft with only 4 players or something. All dudes Gettleman has a crush on, and he makes sure he gets his guys to finish out the 53 instead of having 6 draft picks and a ton of UDFA trying to make the squad.
  11. today's off -season workout tweets

    My thinking is that it had to be lower. If Gettleman was offered a 3rd rounder this year? He jumps at it. If he was offered a 4th, he probably still jumps at it. Had to be lower, and he decided to play the comp pick game and he's basically going to assure us a 3rd rounder next year.
  12. Tom Bradys 4 game suspension REINSTATED

    Meh, honestly don't care at this point. Would rather he be available to beat the Cardinals.
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I think they're setting something up for Melisandre to bring Jon back by sacrificing herself. I really doubt they trotted out her old, weary, and tired troll witch form just to show people
  14. This is my prevailing thought. Hell, even going back to negotiations before last season, a better agent possibly could've gotten Josh a better offer than the 7 million a year, let's say 9-10, and he may have taken that instead of betting on himself. Players, do yourselves a favor, and get a real agent. As for Gettleman's role I honestly don't know what or how to feel about this and probably never will. I feel like he made the right call for the future of the team, but damn there seems to have been a ton of miscommunication with this or something.
  15. Sideswiped

    Couple pieces away? Has he seen Washington's cap situation? Just to sign Norman and the draft picks, they're going to have to cut a few guys. And if Cousins plays well? Here comes a 20+ million a year contract to fit in the books.