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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Bran and Brandon the Builder end up being the same person. The Night King wants Bran dead, and Bran goes back again to stop the Children from creating the Others, in turn letting the First Men continue killing all the trees and the whole show has been symbolic of climate change. Al Gore approves.
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    So...we were shown that the Night King and his inner circle aren't harmed by fire, but another one was taken out. The Children, are they completely wiped out now or no? I say no. Somebody is about to help Bran and Meera escape (more Children, a certain missing uncle Stark, Coldhands even?). And then later, Bran now has more "power" and does he use it? So many questions after that.
  3. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Another direwolf down :( Hodor :( A LOT going on that episode
  4. Probably Good

    Random tangent for this thread, but a thousand times this. It's essentially every generation's "back in my day" argument. Everyone always pines for the good ol' days when people were smarter, and the world was safer, and we didn't have to lock our doors at night. Idiots have been idiots since the world became a thing, they're just given more of a voice as time goes on and the world shrinks and more people are connected now more than ever. There hasn't been a change in people, there's been a change in technology making the world a helluva lot smaller. It wouldn't surprise me to find a story online today about some farmer in Iowa having sex with a goat and a video of it leaking. Ahhhh damn, this crazy world today, God save us the end times are near when men are laying with beasts and putting it on that damn Internet where the kids can see it. Naaa. That goat was still getting fuged by a weirdo farmer in 1960, I just couldn't read about it 12 hours later when the story from the Cedar Rapids Gazette went viral.
  5. What happened to Netflix?

    Good info there^. I've never experimented with this, but I've got a friend who sets his Netflix to different countries and you get a lot more options. He's able to watch the current season of Peaky Blinders for instance right now, and I know he's even gotten some HBO shows (somehow) through Netflix in different countries.
  6. Bonnet and McGee gone

    Tobias is a good dude with blazing speed, actually went to my rival high school and then played for my college team. No shot to make the squad, but he's got the speed and return abilities to make a few plays in OTAs/camp if he were to stick around
  7. POLL: With the #22 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft...

    Draft Thon and send him to Greensboro for a year if need be.
  8. What happened to Netflix?

    I think Netflix is as good as ever currently, but maybe that's just me. Plenty of great shows, both old and new. The movies can be meh at times with all the crappy B type movies they add, but they still have a few great ones.
  9. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Honestly though, I'm fine with both evaluations of both players. If 4th and 5th round picks gets us an okay starting/great backup OT, and a turnover forcing CB who occasionally gets beat, I'll live with that.
  10. Taste of the Panthers 2016

    Mick Mixon looks like a shaved penis in an oversized condom in that suit
  11. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    David Gettis spotted in the French Quarter today
  12. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    I'd love for it all to click for Hill but... He learned to catch a football yet? Until he does, he's just a name.
  13. 2016 NBA LOTTERY 8PM ET

    I don't think it ever came out which picks were exactly offered...but I highly doubt they were willing to give up Brooklyn's unprotected 1st because they knew it's value. But...doesn't change the fact that we said no and were offered 6 picks, including 4 1st rounders (according to Chad Ford) to move from 9 to 16 where Frank may have still been. To take Frank Kaminsky. I'm not still mad about it or anything.
  14. "Mucas" is back!

    Trying hard to find that 3rd TE it seems. Or even a Dickson replacement. RIP Swolebones and all the false hope you carried.
  15. 2016 NBA LOTTERY 8PM ET

    I think a lot of teams could be interested in dealing the pick this year...or assets in general. With the cap going up and a pretty barren FA market as far as stars go (I think Durant re-signs in OKC for 1 year), teams could throw out early 1st rounders trying to grab established help now, cost be damned. If Philly gets it (or two top 4 picks), with a focus on actually winning chance they keep Okafor, Embiid, Noel, their Euro stash, and more picks. Could easily see them dealing for help now. Same with LA. I could see them wanting Ingram, but Simmons isn't going to sell tickets (IMO)...Demarcus Cousins for the #1 or #2 pick, come on down. If Minnesota were to get lucky again, sweet Jesus they could be nasty in a year or two. Oh. And Ingram should go #1. I actually think Simmons could bust. No offense, no jumper, just a solid all-around kinda player who's name got hyped WAY too hard based on his high school play.