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Found 26 results

  1. T Matt Kalil, 36.3 overall grade Kalil struggled to block Bears edge defender Pernell McPhee and Co., as the former Minnesota Viking surrendered 7 total pressures including a sack and a hit. He also struggled in run blocking, as Panthers’ rushers gained just 14 yards on 7 carries when running left.
  2. This is ESPN.com's top headline right now.
  3. Man its a great day to be a panther. Couple quick things that I saw that impressed. 1. Offensive Communication- Specifically on the oline. Larsen is learning quickly and it seemed as if Cam made it a point to help a little when the Pats showed pressure. Trai seemed to be communicating too. All this leads to Kalil knowing where to be as well. So thats a positive. 2. Receivers and Backs- We are starting to get seperation. Funchess had the best game of his career and gave a middle finger to you doubters on this board and I love it. He has been playing very well for us this year and I think he took a big step forward today. Dickson filled in his roll nicely. Mccaffrey, Mccaffrey'd. Minus the fumble stew ran well overall great show by our skill players on O. 3. SHULA calls a great game? He put us in positions to win. Gave Cam outlets on the plays we were looking to push the ball down the field. Would like to see him be a bit more aggressive with a lead, and that goes for ron, wilks and the defense too. But that has typically been what we do, unfortunately. 4. RECORDS SET, and a win AGAINST THE PATS! J-stew surpasses DWILL for all-time franchise rushing leader. Cam surpasses Delhomme for all-time leaders in wins for a panthers Qb and we beat the pats. Man what a day! 5- Cam is back! There was some negatives and those will be addressed. But we all should be proud of this ball team today! For those of you that counted us out. Just dont bother posting anymore, you should be banned to strictly lurking for a 12 month sentence. GO PANTHERS!
  4. Found this youtube channel and I like the videos they produce. Not too hype, not too low, paced well, not too much analysis that would put you to sleep. Here's their video about last week. Sorry it's so large. ??? Do recommend subscribing.
  5. Found this youtube channel and I like the videos they produce. Not too hype, not too low, paced well, not too much analysis that would put you to sleep. Here's their video about last week. Sorry it's so large. ??? Do recommend subscribing.
  6. Top 5 Grades: G Andrew Norwell, 85.1 overall grade G Trai Turner, 84.0 overall grade LB Luke Kuechly, 80.4 overall grade C Tyler Larsen, 80.0 overall grade HB Christian McCaffrey, 79.1 overall grade Performances of Note: QB Cam Newton, 40.9 overall grade It was a tough day for quarterback Cam Newton as he ended with 167 yards passing and three interceptions. One of those interceptions was deflected off HB Christian McCaffrey, the other two will fall on Newtons shoulders. All three of his interceptions came while under no pressure, as he finished 13 of 21 averaging 4.8 yards per attempt when the pocket was clean. Newton will look to bounce back next week against a tough opponent in the Patriots.
  7. Carolina Panthers C Ryan Kalil may miss Week 3 with a neck injury, according to head coach Ron Rivera. After missing the Panthers’ Week 2 game against the Buffalo Bills, Kalil has sat out both Wednesday and Thursday practices this week. Kalil had a very solid showing in Week 1, earning a grade of 76.3 which currently ranks fifth best among centers. Kalil is a stronger run blocker than pass blocker, having earned the seventh best run blocking grade among centers (75.6). The Panthers would not be in bad hands if Kalil is unable to play this week. Backup C Tyler Larsen, who has filled in for Kalil, has a pass-blocking grade of 80.2, second highest among centers. He has not allowed a single pressure on 41 pass blocking snaps.
  8. Top 5 Grades: LB Thomas Davis, 91.6 overall grade CB James Bradberry, 88.1 overall grade WR Kelvin Benjamin, 82.1 overall grade DI Kawann Short, 81.4 overall grade EDGE Julius Peppers, 80.3 overall grade Performances of Note: WR Kelvin Benjamin, 82.1 overall grade Benjamin had a solid outing against the Bills as he was QB Cam Newton’s most reliable target. The wide receiver hauled in all six of his catchable targets, including three passes that traveled more than 10 yards in the air
  9. Vikings just released FS Antone Exum. He played in 12 games for them last year and 15 games the year prior. Hurney has been very active this month trying to strengthen our depth with young players and we could still use more depth at safety. Would make sense
  10. Benoit: Christian McCaffrey was the featured point, Gary, for Carolina. He was the guy the offense ran through. Gramling: That Jonathan Stewart touchdown catch, that was a neat little play they drew up there. Benoit: Stewart and McCaffrey in the backfield together, they had some good backfield passing designs. So we’ve talked a lot about Carolina’s offense this year. And I think our listeners know I’m skeptical that what they’re trying to do can work, at least what I was expecting they were trying to do, which is use McCaffrey kind of as their Julian Edelman/Darren Sproles type of guy, have that kind of offense, get those easy underneath completions for Cam. What’s made me skeptical is that Newton is a power thrower, he’s not a precision/accuracy/timing type of thrower, two very different things. And we saw that in the first half, by the way. Newton was rusty, until the two-minute drive at the end of the first half, and then he got going and warmed up. But you saw the inconsistencies in accuracy. The difference though, Gary, is a lot of that are playing this way, with the shifty underneath guys and the inverted formations, they spread out and do it. Carolina did not spread out. They stayed in condensed formations. The wide receivers were just a few yards outside the offensive tackles, they often had two guys in the backfield, it was McCaffrey and Ed Dickson or McCaffrey with Stewart, someone moving around, an off-set guy. They were very diverse schematically. And it did a few things. For one, it sets up all the moving pieces in their run game. They feature pull blockers and misdirection elements. They try to get you moving in the wrong direction defensively in the running game. When you put a lot more bodies in the middle of the field you can do more things in that regard. So I was a little bit impressed with how they’re doing it, and it’s something I hadn’t considered, it O.K., they’re going to be a shifty, underneath controlled passing game at times, but maybe they’re not doing out of spread formations. They’re going to try to do it out of some of the running formations that we’ve seen from them before. We’ll see if it works. It worked today, it’s a long season though. We’re watching this, and their opponents are watching it too. But so far off to an intriguing start. Let’s call it an intriguing start for Carolina’s offense.
  11. IMPRESSED + Jonathan Stewart - stat line is less than impressive but he wore down the 49ers defense late and picked up some valuable 1st downs. + Michael Palardy - 51.7 average on 3 punts with a long of 58. We absolutely made the right decision to go with this young punter. + Russell Shepard - After not doing anything in pre-season, looked like a playmaker and a very solid slot WR option for us. + Kawann Short - Absolutely destroyed the interior of the 9ers O-line and provided consistent pressure up the middle. DEPRESSED + Cam - It was expected Cam would be rusty but he looked awful in the 1st half. Give him credit for finishing 6/6 in the 2nd half. + Run defense in the 1st quarter - Hyde started 4/40 yards before Panthers D made their adjustments.
  12. - impressed - CAP Jeremy Cash Zack Sanchez David Mayo - depressed - DA Worley Parms Cole Luke
  13. - impressed - CAP Jeremy Cash Zack Sanchez David Mayo - depressed - DA Worley Parms Cole Luke
  14. Panthers vs. Titans Game Observations 1st quarter: Panthers offense only ran 5 plays in the first 13 minutes. Funchess fumble. Missed block by LT Matt Kalil on Titans OLB gets Stewart stuffed for TFL. McCaffrey overthrown out of bounds. McCaffrey catches for no gain. Anderson's interception was caused by LB dropping off covering Dickson to double Olsen on a dual drag route by both TE's. That LB tipped the ball. Had Anderson checked it down to Dickson he would have gotten a 1st down because he was wide open 6 yards from the LOS. Panthers defense played with alot of effort but Titans offensive line played with alot of execution. They doubled teamed the DT playside and slide off to our LB. Our defensive ends were so quick to rush up field that they opened up the lanes for off tackle runs. Gap integrity was greatly compromised. Poor open field tackling haunted the team for the entire 1st half. 2nd quarter: Panthers offensive line shows balance of solid pass and run blocking on a 8 play 75 yard drive. RB McCaffrey benefited on both of his running plays with the 2nd one being a TD. Fatigue set in on the defense as Titans QB Cassel was able to throw for chunk yardage on the secondary, and poor gap control along with more missed tackles opened up huge run gains for Titans RB's. Another solid blocking session by the offensive line allowed for Anderson to lead a drive that to a 46 yard field goal by Harrison Butker. 1st half summary: Take away the Panthers turnovers and blocking miscues then this is a totally different half. Tennessee did not do anything exotic or tricky. They simply executed better and taking advantage of two short field drives. Our 100% effort given was overwhelmed by their 100% execution. Perfect example of showing you need more than a fiery passion. 3rd quarter: The 2nd half began like you would hope for with an opening quarter drive on your 1st possession for a TD. QB Webb showed his pocket awareness with impressive escape moves for either good run yardage or pass completions. RB's Whittaker and Artis-Payne picked up good yardage on the ground while WR's Bersin and Shepard got most of the passing yards. Although Shepard's came from getting a pass interference call on a deep ball in the end zone which moved the ball 30 yards to the 1 for a Artis-Payne TD run 2 plays later. The Titans opening drive of the 3rd quarter simply overwhelmed Panthers backups. No getting off the blocks by linemen. Bad angles by the linebackers. Fortunately Titans penalties stalled their momentum for a field goal. It was encouraging to see the backup offense respond with another TD with 4 plays for 75 yards. A huge run by Artis-Payne down the right side of the field was followed up by a nifty TD pass by FB Armah who provided a huge block on the long run by Artis-Payne the play before. 4th quarter & Summary: The 2nd and 3rd units battled hard to tie the game at 27 to give the Panthers a chance to win the game late. But a sack & fumble on QB Gilbert for the 3rd turnover of the day sealed the win for the Titans as they scored a TD to go up by 34-27 with a couple of minutes left. The last chance stalled on a 4th & 10 from the Titans 30 yard line. Overall we saw that the Panthers are their own worst enemy when they do not take care of the ball and when they do not execute the fundamentals of blocking and tackling. All it takes is one player out of 11 not doing their job to destroy a play on any of the 3 phases of offense defense or special teams. WR Byrd was only targeted once the entire game. He also needs to be smart about when to take a knee and when to return the ball on kickoffs. McCaffrey is the real deal but needs to be used smartly as far as reps. He touched the ball 5 times for 75 total yards rushing and receiving. OT Moton had a hell of a day blocking as he played at all positions on the offensive line except center. Moves the pile and walls off pass rushers effectively. C Tyler Larsen showed he is very capable to replace All Pro C Ryan Kalil and not miss a beat. DE Hall just needs to learn discipline better and he will be an emerging player in the near future. LB Mayo was a man possessed. He is clearly ready to fill in if needed for Kuechly and has earned a few reps as well. FB Armah is showing that he can adjust to playing fullback. K Harrison Butker had a strong day with booming kickoffs and making both field goal attempts. It was great seeing the team battle back from self inflicting wounds in the 1st quarter to put themselves in position to win on the road. But the margin for error is small. Missed opportunities by starters to make drive stopping plays on defense must be corrected in spite of defending a short field. Effort can only get you sweaty. Execution gets you results. This game was needed to reel in the focus of the team. No need to panic but points of concern are valid. The 3rd preseason game @ Jacksonville on Thursday will reveal a lot more. The coaching staff will actually game plan the starters as if this was a regular season game. Stay calm. Stay observant. Keep Pounding!
  15. As the team enters the preseason and prepares for the big cut, it is interesting to see how current cap figures play into the decisions made by the front office. I have compiled a list of players, who if are cut, will save the Panthers on cap room. Of course, a number of these players are not going anywhere. My passion is looking at the salary cap and team building. If this does not interest you, please, evacuate this thread. Charles Johnson: Cap hit (4.36), Dead Cap (0) = 4.36 mil savings. The Panthers unofficial depth chart currently has CJ listed as starting at the left DE position. He likely isn't going anywhere. Though, with Peppers, Addison, Horton, and Hall also competing for this position it is not 100%. Greg Olsen: Cap hit (10.35), Dead Cap (6.6) = 3.75 mil savings. Just skip past this. Given our lack of depth at TE and his prolific numbers, Olsen is more likely to see an extension than a cut. Graham Gano: Cap hit (4), Dead Cap (.75) = 3.25 mil savings. This is the first cut that would actually make sense. Harrison Butker is on a cheap, 7th round rookie contract. IMO, Gano is going to have to seriously outperform Butker to make his 3.25 million in cap savings worth it. I am calling this one early, Gano gets cut or traded before the season. Andrew Norwell: Cap Hit (2.75), Dead Cap (0) = 2.75 mil savings. Norwell is another player more likely to see an extension than a cut. Current backups Dan France, David Yankey, and Chris Scott have not outperformed Norwell by any stretch of the imagination and Silatolu is actually listed as the backup LT at this point. Ed Dickson: Cap Hit (2.72), Dead Cap (.67) = 2.05 mil savings. My second cut prediction from this list. While the Panthers have had difficulty finding that #2 TE, Dickson has not separated himself from Chris Manhertz, Scott Simonson, or Eric Wallace. At least not enough to justify the 2.05 million in cap savings. Julius Peppers: Cap hit (3.5), Dead Cap (1.65) = 1.85 mil savings. The prodigal son returns. While a busy DE group may limit his snaps, it is hard to imagine the front office spoiling this home-coming. Thomas Davis: Cap hit (8.25), Dead cap (6.475) = 1.775 mil savings. TD is a fascinating case. In any other franchise, his snaps are limited by up and coming talent. Between Shaq Thompson, Jeremy Cash, and the Panthers propensity to play 2 LB sets, TD would be looking at a restructure (pay cut) and eventually shown the door. However, in bizzaro Panther world, he will likely be given a raise and extension. Derek Anderson: Cap Hit (2.24), Dead Cap (.5) = 1.74 mil savings. The Panthers have painted themselves into a corner by not bringing on solid backup QB talent. DA has been performing relatively sub-par, maybe to a point of being supplanted by Garrett Gilbert. I believe there is actual competition here for the backup QB spot, though no one in the media has alluded to it. DA is 34 years old and in the final year of his contract. Kelvin Benjamin: Cap Hit (2.44), Dead Cap (.97) = 1.47 mil savings. Many comments in the media are pointing to struggles by KB. He is too valuable to cut, but could a trade be possible? With Hurney at GM, I won't say it is impossible. Seems like a move that in hindsight makes a lot of sense, but would blindside (no pun intended) the fan-base. Next year, the Panthers are going to be in a very difficult spot Cap-wise. They already have allocated 166 million towards the cap and will have approximately 11.5 million in cap space. This will be somewhat alleviated by the 15 million they are set to rollover. But, Norwell and Star will need to be re-signed. Olsen and Davis are looking for money as well. This team better be motivated to trim cap before the start of the season. I believe that starts with Gano, Dickson, and possibly DA. These moves add an additional 7 million to the rollover and leave us room to resign our own and still be flexible in FA.
  16. Hola fellow huddlers. Seeing how this defense has evolved through experience, (two rookies that started out shaky nut finished strong) through acquisitions via free agency and the draft. Getting savvy veterans in Adams, Munnerlynn, and of course the return of Peppers. They bring stability, guidance and leadership. Something this team was lacking last year. Even the additions to the offense of speed. Which will no doubt benefit the defense immensely. It brings the question of, which NFC South offense will be troublesome for the Panthers Defense? I won't go into an in depth analysis of each team since that's not my forté, I'll leave that to the pros like Saca and KB_Fan, but I'll brush up on them a bit. Last year you can safely say the Falcons offense was the answer. Julio Jones putting up a 300 yard performance on this defense last year. (Cringe) The Falcons have basically the same offense. Only huge difference is their coordinator. Shanahan left for San Francisco but the pieces are still there. They have Matt Ryan, Julio, Freeman, etc. The word is that the offense will implement the same fast paced tempo as they did last year but that will be determined once the season starts. The Saints are a bit of an enigma. They still have their franchise QB. They traded Brandin Cooks away getting rid of their #1 WR. The added Ginn to replace him (lol), they still have the RB by committee Mark Ingram with the addition of Adrian Peterson. The TE is Coby Fleener, which has potential but hasn't really reached it. Wide outs Willie Snead, Michael Thomas, and Ginn. Speed all around the table. The key here would be Brees and that O line. No matter how you slice it that offense is Brees and Payton. Now on to the Bucs. They have a franchise QB as well. Winston is getting better each year. As far as weapons they have Evans, The addition of Jackson who brings what they sorely missed, speed. Also they get the best TE in the draft in O.J. Howard and have Cameron Brake. The RB are Martin and Rogers. Personally. I think it's between the Bucs and Falcons. I lean more towards the Bucs. The trio of Evans, Jackson and Howard on paper are formidable. Not saying the other offenses aren't but I believe this offense, if Jackson and Howard pay off can become a problem. Especially if Jackson blows the top off. What are your thoughts huddle?
  17. Most of us hardcore fans know that under Ron Rivera & Cam Newton, since 2011, the Carolina Panthers have tended to get off to slow starts... I decided to dig a little more deeply into the stats. Here's a table with data for each game week by week, and the quarterly stats, for each season 2011 - 2016. Since 2011 here's our W-L record each quarter of the season: Q1: 10-14 Q2: 13-10-1 Q3: 12-12 Q4: 18-6 Panthers have gone 1-3 in their 1st 4 games in 4 of the past 6 seasons. In 2014 they went 2-2, and of course, in 2015, they went 4-0 in the first quarter of the season. You take out the amazing 2015 season, and the Panthers are 6-14 in the 1st quarter of the season. OUCH. Most of the early weakness has been on Offense. September (Quarter 1) is historically the worst for our offense, with an average of only 22 points per game in the first month of the season. To state something fairly obvious, I believe we need to win our season opener and win at least 2, if not all 3 of our 1st 3 games. San Francisco hopefully should be easy (though SF has a very good recent week 1 winning streak, and starting on the road is not ideal). Playing Sean McD's Bills could be tougher than expected given his inside knowledge..., Saints are always tough if Drew Brees is playing well.... and THEN Patriots in Foxboro. It's not a walk-in-the-park beginning of the season. But if our offense can get comfortable and get on a winning streak QUICKLY, 2017 could be an amazing season. On paper we have the weapons on both sides of the ball. But the mental aspect is huge, and early wins could be critical. More commentary to follow...
  18. An old topic I know, but hey it's something besides talk about Gettleman and Hurney. What does everybody think of our planned joint practice with the Tennessee Titans this preseason? Personally I'm in favor of it as long as they be cautious when it comes to injuries. The last time we had a joint practice with a team was our 15-1 season and it really seemed like it helped out (despite the loss of Benjamin during it). Honestly it might even help with our current situation since that will be an extra chance for Hurney to evaluate and accustom himself with the guys we have available and what we might still be lacking in. So, this being said what do you guys think? Whatever your opinion might be feel free to post why you think that way.
  19. The Carolina Panthers offensive line depth chart has become a little more clear now that the OTA practices have come to an end and the Panthers Mini-Camp is set to begin. Here is how the depth chart is shaking out according to my eyes and notes... Left Tackle Michael Oher - Biggest question mark on the entire team. Jonathan Martin - Looking to revitalize his career Martin Wallace - Has earned a few second string reps David Foucault - On the bubble Right Tackle Mike Remmers - Has also spent limited reps at second string center) Daryl Williams (R) - Getting plenty of one on one coaching Nate Chandler - Chandler hasn't practiced, recovering from injury, slight speculation here. Left Guard Andrew Norwell - Future pro bowler? Amini Silatolu - Last year's starter Tyronne Green - 5th year journeyman our of Auburn, injury issues. Right Guard Trai Turner - Road grading guard Chris Scott - Appears to be in good shape, can also backup tackle position Jordan McCray - Tryout player looking for a chance Center Ryan Kalil - Leader of the offense. Brian Folkerts - Solid backup, used as TE on some rhino packages Ronald Patrick - South Carolina kid looking for a NFL home. Taking a quick glance of this lineup, it is easy even for the most casual fans to see a tremendous upgrade over the offensive line from this time last season. Three of the five starting offensive line positions have been upgraded tremendously (Remmers, Turner, Norwell) and the jury is still out on one position (Oher). The quality of depth found is also much improved with former starters moving back to backup positions where they probably should have been to begin with.
  20. The Carolina Panthers offensive line depth chart has become a little more clear now that the OTA practices have come to an end and the Panthers Mini-Camp is set to begin. Here is how the depth chart is shaking out according to my eyes and notes... View full article
  21. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-2015-nfl-draft-special-inside-the-war-room-carolina-panthers/ Good morning Panther fans! Here's my inside the war room special for you guys. Enjoy! Em