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Found 1 result

  1. DeSean Jackson is well known as the newcomer in Tampa expected to make a big impact. Pairing his speed and route-running expertise with Mike Evans makes for quite a scary threat. Couple that with Tampa's offensive philosophy of pushing the ball downfield, and it looks like a scary team on paper. However, a certain analyst believes that his impact will be more limited in Tampa than when he was on the Redskins. Take a complete read here. It's pretty good: http://presnapreads.com/2017/07/13/the-direct-and-indirect-benefits-of-desean-jackson/ I'll be taking a few segments and adding my thoughts. DeSean Jackson is well respected for his speed, but his route-running and adjusting to the ball are top-tier. He directly benefits QBs by getting himself open and finding a way to track and catch balls. As Football Outsiders analyst Fahey explains: DeSean Jackson has that ability to elevate his QB. Kirk Cousins has a lot of problems, but Jackson helped mask that. However, his "indirect benefits are what make him special. In Washington, with the amount of offensive weapons & minds they had, Jackson's mere presence was just as deadly as what he does after the snap. DeSean Jackson's presence alters defenses. Because the Redskins had an arsenal of weapons to use, and how Kirk Cousins is okayish at throwing deep, defenses were forced to account for Jackson and limit their defensive playcalls because of such. Gruden utilized the tools on the Redskins, stretching the field and making defenses stay on the tips of their toes at every way. However, it looks like it may be a lot different in Tampa. Jameis Winston is horrible at the deep ball, even though he throws that style so often. DeSean Jackson's impact may be limited due to such: That's the issue. Although Tampa's supporting cast looks good on paper, they won't be able to take advantage of the impact DeSean Jackson makes by being on the field. Defenses won't have to worry as much, knowing the rest of Tampa's offense isn't very good at YAC and is based on the vertical game. In other words, defenses shouldn't have to worry too much about facing Tampa's offense. Although DeSean Jackson should improve it, don't expect them to be an unstoppable juggernaut. Unless Jameis Winston becomes more accurate in the deep game, and their offensive philosophy shifts to a more diverse, challenging scheme, do expect DeSean Jackson's role to be limited. DeSean Jackson is special, but him being on Tampa does not allow him to maximize his benefits.