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Found 2 results

  1. An interesting twitter debate took place recently concerning the Panthers VS The Buccaneers Offense. A guy from PFF is standing firm in his belief that the Panthers have had the superior draft in comparison to the Buccaneers and will field a superior offense. Take a look: "The matchup potential of this Carolina #Panthers offensive personnel is just incredible. #NFL teams just don't have the defensive personnel to go one on one with them. Teams with a defensive matchup weapon at all tend to only have one of them, and the Panthers now have three guys to cover. Oh, and their QB is some guy called Cam Newton, who poses his own matchup problems... So excited for its potential." A very good argument. Even so, I'd add on how overrated DeSean Jackson has been. He's a fast WR who doesn't scare many. He's also getting up there in age, and he's really only a one-trick pony. The Panthers may as well truly have the better offense to the Buccaneers.
  2. So, consider for a moment the state of our defense. Coach McDermott is no longer our defensive coordinator, since he achieved a head coaching position in Buffalo. Coach Wilks has been named our new defensive coordinator under Rivera, and deservedly so. He's brought out the best out of our young corners and an integral part of the coaching staff. Now, Wilks has mentioned on multiple occasions he doesn't plan on changing much, but that could always mean we could still implement new ideas/old ideas into our defense. He will likely bring about a slightly new philosophy for our defense and how he sees our monsters working going forward. So, our personnel consists of the addition of SS Mike Adams, DE Julius Peppers, and CB Captain Munnerlyn as our new additions. Our pass rushers will likely consist of Peppers, Addison, Short, Butler, and maybe a bit of CJ at times as our force wreckers. Our LBs are still the best in the game. Would having Kurt Coleman back at FS with Mike Adams in the box change a few things we could do? Could we see a bit more of man, with Coleman free? Or even Cover 1 robber, with Mike Adams free in the shorter middle? One thing that's been thrown around was how often Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis were forced to be thrown back into coverage last year. Some argue our rookies inexperience was a part of that, but even so could it really just be that we never had a competent nickel that's able to allow our LBers to thrive? I believe that may have been the case. Consider having an actual proven Nickel in Captain Munnerlyn, and how that would impact things. Would that finally allow TD and Luke to be more free'd up instead of being forced to compensate by dropping back in coverage? Can they finally attack at the LoS and disrupt the middle where they thrive in? Could we become as monstrous as our 2013 and 2015 defenses in how our nickel packages allowed our defense to thrive? Addison seemed to thrive in B-gap blitzes. Do you think Wilks will dial up some more of that this year? How do you think Wilks will utilize Peppers physical presence and allow him to thrive in pass rushing situations? Will Kawann Short get more reps at DE and such? What kind of crazy schemes could we possibly run? With Peppers experience at OLB along with Addison's, would you expect to see some crazy schemes coming out of that possibility? What do you think Wilks will do to take advantage of the pieces he has in this arsenal of weapons on our defense?