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'Hard Knocks' close to picking a team for this year, so who will it be?

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pick me!! pick me!!


Soon, the NFL will have to pick a team for its popular "Hard Knocks" show, and this year's decision is way more interesting than years past. This is the first year the NFL will pick a team that qualifies under its formula to do the show if no team volunteers. 

That means it's a great chance for the league to get a marquee team on the annual HBO program, which has had a lot of trouble getting anyone to step up in recent years. Most teams don't want a television crew following it around in training camp.

The speculation over who would be featured on "Hard Knocks" got a spark when Tomm Looney, a radio host on Fox Sports Radio, said the three final candidates have been selected, and they are the Bears, Giants and Steelers. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, in a message to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman, said that's "totally inaccurate."




I bet the bears get it

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Am I the only one that would love to see the dumpster fire known as the Oakland Raiders on Hard Knocks? I think that it would be really entertaining.

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Although I'm sure all of us in this forum would absolutely love it, realistically a Panthers edition of Hard Knocks would probably be kind of boring to the rest of the country (especially with Smitty gone).

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