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God I can't stand Falcon fans.

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It used to be their players too, but honestly, with Hall and Vick gone there's not much left to hate. But holy sh*t their fans are annoying as hell. There may be 10 posters (excluding fans of other teams) on that forum who have SOME sense, but the rest you could literally line up in a row and push the first guy over and they'd all topple over like dominoes one by one because they're too f*cking dumb to get out of the way to break the cycle.

In my opinion, there are three groups of Falcon fans:

One third of their fan base consists of dumb, drunk, slovenly fat rednecks. (No offense to the drunk and fat rednecks who support Carolina, you guys are cool of course.) Most of them can't tell the difference between a football and a dick in their ass, but would be equally thrilled with either one. Their typing and spelling skills are on par with those of a twelve year-old kid in an AOL chatroom trying to find some fat chick to cyber with him.

The second third is made up of wannabe rappers/gangsters. These guys have about 30,000-50,000 posts usually because they sit on life.atlantafalcons.com boards all day because none of them have or seek employment. Why should they? After all, it's much easier to put a link to your music myspace in your forum sig and watch it collect 5 views a day. Mainly from yourself checking to see if you got any views. There are just tons of music producers on message boards and they will totally discover you and you're gonna blow up!

Last, but not least, the remaining third consists of people who fit neither of the major categories, but for one reason or another are completely devoid of any intelligence whatsoever. The reasons for the stupidity of these fans are as limitless as Bertie Botts jelly bean flavors, which, coincidentally, could quite possibly score higher on an SAT or IQ test than these idiots.

In conclusion, creating this thread makes me feel much better. Which is good, because I have an exam in 4 hours. This thread was brought to you by the letters F and U.

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For anyone who cares about my exam (lolz) I only got to study one possible essay question because I didn't know there were so many damn ID possibilities (42) I needed to know. And as luck would have it, the question I studied wasn't one of the three options (there were only 5 on the study guide) so I had to BS my way through how the 14th century was a transition period between the middle ages and the Renaissance and also a period of crisis. I think I will still get an A but it depends on how attendence is factored in.

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