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Accelerated Maturation for Hardy

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Oakland offered us a trade for Hardy?

When did this happen?

What did they offer?

my balls and dem kate upton titties

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I'll say here what I said elsewhere since it applies to the topic...


Kris Jenkins was known for a 'big fun guy' personality, until a nasty domestic squabble with the mother of his kid occurred - and got publicized - right around the time of the Super Bowl.  Jenkins wasn't the same after that.  When the team later traded him, I remember saying that Jenkins was now gone, but "Big Kid" had been gone for a while already.


With that in mind, I find myself wondering if we'll see the 'Kraken' persona again. Even if Hardy were to come out of this unscathed (which sounds like a tall order) I wonder if the experience will change Hardy like it changed Jenkins.


I don't know that you could call the person that Jenkins became "more mature".  Terms such as sullen, morose and perhaps a tad bitter seem like better descriptors.  You'd like to hope, if he gets through this, that Hardy comes out of it better than Jenkins did.


No way to know what's gonna happen at this point.

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