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2014 World Cup: Group B

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Netherlands 3-0-0 (+7) 9

Chile 2-0-1 (+2) 6

Spain 1-0-2 (-3) 3

Australia 0-0-2 (-6) 0


I know that there is a World Cup thread also but I like the idea of having a thread per group so that discussion is easier.  Hell...we have our own board (or half of one) now so we might as well make use of it with multiple threads right?  If people disagree with me then let me know and I will condense my posts into the one thread, otherwise I will continue to make these.


Anyway, while Group G is the "Group of Death" I certainly think B could easily lay claim to said title.  The difference here is that the fourth team (Australia) is not a threat the way Ghana is but all of the other three are teams that I see as threats to go deep into the tournament and we will all be worse off that one of these three is going home early.  I would argue that this is the best 1-2-3 of any group.


It gets even more interesting when you consider the fact that the second place finisher jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire with a date against host Brazil in the Round of 16.  I will be rooting like mad that Spain finishes second for just that reason.  It would be the best Round of 16 match-up imaginable.  I pick with my head though and Spain will win their group.  They know the stakes and what a slow start could mean and they will not allow what happened in Game 1 four years ago to be repeated.  As for Brazil's future opponent, I am rooting for the Dutch top the other two but am picking Chile to finish second and move on.


On to Australia.  I will always root for them to do well but they may be the least likely to earn a point.


Spain takes the group and easily beats Croatia to reach the quarters.  Chile finishes second before falling to Brazil.

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Spain vs Netherlands is going to be an amazing game. I hope Spain wins. 


I think it's going to be Spain passing around in circles while an aging Netherlands squad tries desperately to counter-attack. Spain should be able to work through Holland's back line almost at will, but I still see no more than 2 goals.

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Spain is going to win the group. The question is can Chile find enough to finish in second?

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It's clearly spain and the netherlands. They will advance. They may be old but they have experience. 

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