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What's next for the Heat's Big 3?

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TheRed    18,325

They won back-to-back championships because 1. They had a bench that could contribute and 2. Dwyane Wade could actually make a meaningful contribution.


Just because Ray Allen hits a wide open 3 on a lucky bounce to win game 6, that doesn't mean he reverts back to Sonics/Celtics Ray. That's like saying 2013 Steve Smith is still in 2005 form just because he burns Tarell Brown one time for a TD in the playoffs. Ray's job on this Heat team was to space the floor and hit open 3s. That's it.


These superteams have shelf lives because of the nature of the max contracts that were signed by the stars. This year, they couldn't afford to keep Mike Miller, a very effective sixth man during the championship run and ended up trading away more interior depth in Joel Anthony. Those two guys had to be replaced with cheaper options in Beasley and Oden who absolutely flopped as free agent signings. The end result is a team that looks eerily similar to Lebron's Cavs teams he wanted to get away from, especially with Wade's knees giving out.


I'm glad a franchise built on consistency and true "team" basketball won the championship, but you can't blame the only guy on the losing team who performed up to his ability in this series be stuck with all the blame here.


The current "superteam" thing is ruining the NBA anyway. Look at the list of all the NBA franchises, there are way too many shitty teams. Silver needs to make some big changes IMO. The draft lottery for one needs to go asap


Only managing to win one game in the finals (by two points), and losing the other four games each by 15+ points is pretty damn bad. It's Lebron's team, fans can make excuses if they want, but it's in the books now.

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MichaelNewtonII    1,713

It's done.

James ain't wasting his time there with Wade and Bosh. The only way he will stay is if Miami can get rid if those two scrubs.

Wade is the scrub

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topher mcg    13

i have a feeling they will all opt in for another year. wade and bosh to get the guaranteed $20m each, and lebron out of loyalty to wade and a case of having too much pride to admit defeat at this stage - i think lebron looks at things from a commercial point of view as well... and as previously mentioned, miami will still be able to contend in the east next year, as long as they re-tool their bench suitably.


i think lebron will leave in 2015, when 'better options' will be available to him - id probably suggest the lakers (with kobe's massive contract expiring) or the knicks, who will have plenty of cap space to pair him with another star. the only other team i see him joining, is the cavs, and in 2015 he'll be able to judge if the combination of kyrie and the #1 pick are enough to tempt him back.


as for the other 2, i cant see dwade playing anywhere else, and will stay with the heat, and maybe play another 2 years (for about $10m a year?), and bosh stays as well, if the heat think he's worth big money for another 4-5 years, otherwise im sure plenty of teams will still offer him $10-15m a year - dallas springs to mind as a team which is always seems to be linked with him

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