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bP's [Post FA] Power Rankings

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Indy I can see, but Miami needs alot more to go right for them to have a chance. The team that was built around LeBron put on a historically woeful performance in the Finals reminiscent of the Cavs team that LeBron left in ruins in 2010. Spoelstra has marginalized Chris Bosh into strictly a stretch 5, and Dwyane Wade will still need to be on his maintenance program, and who knows what you're going to get from him as his knees continue to wear down and he's a DNP for a third of the regular season?


That leaves the burden strictly on Bosh who will need to revert to his Toronto self for the Heat to have a chance. They are paying him with the expectation that that will happen.


As for their additions, Granger has only been successful in Indiana, McBob has only been successful here, and Deng has only been successful with Chicago. On paper, it looks good because of their names, but we'll see if it translates to Spo's system, which appeared to be "Let LeBron Do Everything" in the Finals.


Furthermore, they didn't even address the issues they would be going into this season with even if they had LeBron. Shabazz is a good start, but he's not playing over Cole and Chalmers at the moment, and their only true C is Birdman.


They won't be in the tank (they can't afford to be because they still owe Cleveland picks for the LeBron signing in the first place) but they're not exactly a lock to make it in the playoffs.


I'm not expecting anything out of Granger.  Dude has been nonexistant for a while.  And yes, Wade will be limited.  But Bosh is still a very good player that presents matchup problems, Deng has been an allstar the past few seasons, Wade actually had career best numbers last year, and Miami has several options at the point.  


Your comment about Deng only being successful in Chicago is pretty fuging stupid IMO.  He's played 10 seasons of his career for one team and 3 months for another.  Of course he has only been successful in Chicago, it's pretty much the only team he has ever played for.

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