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just bought season opener tickets

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Anyone know how the payment plan works if I buy the season tickets now?

I was told before, the payment plan would be the cost of each ticket for 43 games, paid over 8 months with no interest. Is that how it works? If so, I may go ahead and do it. I just don't think the section I'd be buying them in would get much interest on the resale market, lol.

They was charging my credit card every month until it was paid off. Make sure that the 8 month payment plan is still available as you woul be going in to the season pretty deep. Also, make sure that you would be able to resell the tickets you can't attend. I've seen in the past where you couldnt sell tickets you haven't paid for and would have to show your credit card at the game and they would charge it then. This becomes a very big deal where you are trying to sell tickets for future games that you don't have access to and then get caught in a catch 22 and can't deliver tickets on time.

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A fail to deliver on Stubhub and they will rape you with a 2x4 sideways when they find the replacement tickets for the buyer.

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