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Jeremy Igo

Possible DE Trade?

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FACT : The Panthers have what probably is the deepest group of Defensive Ends in the entire NFL.



When NFL teams look for valuable trades, they first look to teams that have talent to spare in the position of need. We all know this, it is obvious. The Panthers have 3rd string defensive ends that would be definite second string or possibly even situational first string players around the NFL.



Here are the locks to make the team, in order of skill level:


Charles Johnson

Greg Hardy

Kony Ealy

Frank Alexander (after 4 game suspension)

Mario Addison

Wes Horton


Listed are 6 defensive ends that belong on NFL rosters. However, there is probably only room for 5 on the 53 man roster.


I smell a trade.


Gettleman just showed us last night with Kenjon Barner he has the inclination to get something for a player that would be otherwise cut. Smart, very smart.


So who is the odd man out?


Charles Johnson - nope

Greg Hardy - negative

Kony Ealy - not a chance

Frank Alexander.... maybe. Alexander has off field issues and was recently promoted by Ron Rivera as a "Camp MVP". All he needed was a dog or a little kid and he could have been on a morning car dealership commercial.

Mario Addison - Just signed an extension, unlikely

Wes Horton - hmmmmmmm



Wes Horton played 24 snaps against the Chiefs and did well. Rivera put him in with the first and second string. Odd for a guy that is not high on the depth chart.


Could it be that Gettleman and Rivera wanted scouts and GM's around the league to see Horton on film against legitimate offensive tackles? Very possible.



To summarize:


Lots of quality DE's.

Terrible OT depth.

Interesting playing time for Wes Horton....



Something may be going down.




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I don't specifically know if they need DEs, but Dallas has a pretty solid line and a terrible defense. Maybe they're a potential trade partner.

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Isn't he their top WR?


They don't think so (though he is making the case during preseason). 

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Makes sense. 


So the dilemma with this is.   You send other GMs tape of a guy you might not be able to keep.  Do they gamble and not trade knowing you are going to waive him (before you can put him on the PS)


Or do they make the trade in fear someone else will claims them.


I hope they would trade.

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Hey, "you can never have too many pass rushers"

I smell all 6 stay, and one of the prodigy WRs goes. Why keep 6 or 7 WRs when we are clearly a defensive team. We are an injury and a suspension away from taking a big blow at DE. I want to groom our young DL

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