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49ers' offense looking like a train wreck so far

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here are some of the headlines after the 49ers' 3rd preseason game:

-Colin Kaepernick, 49ers Offense Beyond Abysmal

-49ers offense running out of time to find missing precision

-Leaky line: Kaepernick harassed

-Kaepernick hit hard by Chargers

-Kaepernick not concerned with 49ers ' sputtering offense

-Niners' Offense Still Missing in Action

-49ers ' starting offense struggles

-Another rough outing for 49ers ' offense vs. Chargers

the 49ers starting offense through 3 games this preseason:

-25 yd FG

-missed 55 yd FG



-lost fumble by Kaepernick


-39 yd FG

and through 3 games this preseason, Kaepernick is 12-of-22 (54.6%) for 115 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT, 69.3 rating...and an anemic 5.23 yards per attempt. He also was sacked once and had 2 carries for 13 yds.


"The San Francisco 49ers struggled on offense once again during Sunday's preseason win over the Chargers, churning out just 14 yards over their first three drives. Colin Kaepernick and the starters have generated a mere six points in August... Kaepernick was battered along the way, absorbing too many hits in the pocket and on the run...Pro Football Focus has the Niners ranked dead last through the air, one notch below the vertically challenged Cleveland Browns."

the San Jose newspaper:

"It seemed fair to ask Harbaugh what he meant by saying the 49ers' precision had improved. What did his eyes see that illustrated the precision?

"Just productive plays," Harbaugh said. "Had some plays that were cleanly blocked. We had some passes thrown and caught. And the runners were seeing the holes. Just all eleven playing together in a more precise way."

All right, question answered. But frankly, those examples seemed like low hurdles to surmount. Eleven men playing together? Passes thrown and caught? Harbaugh failed to mention that the 49ers also had their chin straps fastened properly. And not once did they run off the field to the wrong sideline. Presumably, they earned good marks for those achievements, as well.


Kaepernick said that the situation didn't concern him because "it's preseason." Not for much longer. And that's the problem. Look, my general NFL policy about August football has not changed. I refuse to recognize the month. I have seen so many teams play so poorly in the exhibition season, only to go on and reach the playoffs. Thus, my rule regarding all August NFL developments other than significant injuries is this:

Ignore. Ignore. And then ignore some more.

However, following the rule can be difficult at times. Sunday was one of them. Something is clearly amiss with the 49ers offense. In the first two exhibition games, the group produced one field goal. Then came Sunday's other field goal.


Vernon Davis is firm in his belief that the offense is ready to break out.

"Once we get rolling, once we get into our zone, then it's all downhill after that," Davis said. "We can do whatever we want, whatever we put our minds to. But it's just about getting into that zone. You have to find that zone. And it's hard to find sometimes."

They have two weeks until the opener in Dallas to locate it"

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NBC Sports:

"Time is running out for the 49ers to look like something other than a mess on offense."

San Francisco Chronicle:

"Kaepernick was being handled like a piñata and his main tormentor, Chargers defensive end Corey Liuguet, tore through the 49ers’ front five like a modern-day Deacon Jones. ... If Kaepernick endures four quarters of such punishment, the 49ers would surely have to turn to backup Blaine Gabbert"

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49ers blog, Niners Nation:

"Plenty of people have been getting upset over the first string offense's performance. Before the game, Randy Moss was on the FOX set talking about how important this game was, and how if they struggled again, he would expect significant struggles during the season."

NBC-Bay Area:

"After so much optimism built up during the offseason, with the 49ers beefing up the receiving corps, many fans and 49ers observers are wondering what’s happened. Where’s the offense? What’s wrong with Kaepernick?"

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Let's hope this carries into the season for them. I'd like for the wildcards this year to not come from that division at all.

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comments from 49er fans:

-You've got to be blind not to be just a little concerned. This was the 3rd preseason game and our starting O looks inept. Oddly, it was the left side of the line that seemed to allow the most pressure, while both sides couldn't run block to save their lives. While other teams' starters are jelling impressively, ours look like this was their first dance together. Kap is not looking sharp either and where is all that "jelling" we've been hearing about with his receivers? Time to wake up

-Personally, I'll admit to being concerned

- There is no cohesion in the first-team offense

- The offensive line has been offensive

- Kaepernick has not improved as a QB.

- no rhythm in the game

I just hope that Seattle and RW havent improved as much as their showing in pre-season. But I fear they may have, as RW has always shown the right instincts to be able to play the QB position.

-The O line isn't coming together well. To many new parts, guys not practicing together guys coming off injury, etc. hopefully it gels soon and/ or the put in the guys who work best together. The backups actually seem to be working better as a unit

-I think our problem is a mixture of Kaps entire football career being under the read option, Roman's less than stellar passing design and our O-line not holding up in pass protection. If this continues into the reg season there's no point in having Stevie Johnson or Lloyd

-Bottom line is the offensive line needs to look better or this offense is going to struggle. The bread and butter is pushing the defense around and running the ball.

-This o line isn't really impressive. I can easily see kap in more shotgun formations throughout this season. This team isn't run blocking consistently yet in order to justify a run heavy offense.

-you really shouldn't have starting O-linemen on running plays getting pushed into their own backfield on multiple occasions...that's just flat-out getting your a** beat. I'm not one of these fans gnashing my teeth and pushing the panic button, but to see below-avg-to-terrible performances in 3 straight games--even if just preseason--I don't think it's overreacting to say there's concern.

-If there's one thing that concerns me about the offense, it has to be the starting oline. They've looked bad all preseason. I hope it's different come regular season but it's a reasonable concern. And really, the offense in general doesn't look fluid, cohesive and even with the first team offense, struggles to score ... I'm not sure I'm buying the "it's preseason, they're intentionally being vanilla" excuse anymore because, 1) EVERY team is playing relatively conservative, not showing the fireworks yet and still don't appear like they're struggling nearly as much putting up points and can put together a semblance of a flowing, effective passing attack (ex. Seattle, another team that also likes to run as much as we do, etc).

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Meanwhile, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is predicting the 49ers to win the Super Bowl and Kaepernick to win Super Bowl MVP:

August 25, 2014 10:20 PM ET

-"SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS -- San Francisco 49ers: Jim Harbaugh's uncertain future gets cleared up real quick after he joins his brother in the Lombardi Trophy club, and then, in the $7-$8M a year club. This year could be the end for Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Justin Smith and several of them go out on top.


SUPER BOWL MVP -- Colin Kaepernick , QB, 49ers: He ends up triggering some of those contract escalators right away, and flourishes with a bolstered group of weapons around him. And, well, as we know the Super Bowl MVP is quite often the winning QB."


Jason La Canfora

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Sporting News also predicts 49ers will win the Super Bowl

August 25, 2014 12:08pm EDT

"it’s Colin Kaepernick and the passing game that has them on the brink. ... We’ve already seen what Kaepernick can do when he’s let loose, and he’s just getting better with his triple threat of arm, accuracy and athleticism


It took 20 years, but ‘14 will mark a return to glory — with the Niners’ sixth Super Bowl victory."


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I don't think they make the playoffs.








5-Arizona (They are going to kill it this year imo)



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now it's Dec 15

49ers currently have the:

#27 total offense in NFL

#28 scoring offense in NFL (17.9 ppg)

Scoring offense

#26 - 18.4 ppg - Redskins (3-11)

#27 - 18.1 ppg - Bucs (2-14)

#28 - 17.9 ppg - **49ERS**

#29 - 16.5 ppg - Titans (2-12)

#30 - 16.4 ppg - Jets (3-11)

#31 - 15.2 ppg - Raiders (2-12)

#32 - 15.1 ppg - Jags (2-12)

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