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ESPN reporter says his opinion is that Vick...

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I try to rely on the credibility of Gantt and other who have said that V!ck is not an option in Carolina... But, if he wasn't an option, why would Fox still not rule him out now? After all the speculation and "experts" saying they think he'll end up in Carolina, Fox came out today and said "We look at all options..." or whatever.

The first time, I can understand why Fox did it. It's Fox speak. But, to do it again after all the speculation. Fox usually would nip it at that point to avoid a bunch of hoopla... Well, he didn't. I'm really starting to think there's some credence to it. I also think for some reason that there is a strong relationship with Dungy and Fox/Hurney/Richardson, and that could overpower whatever negative aspect there may be.

I think to say that it is absolutely not an option as many on here have stated is a bit foolish. Unlikely, yes. Probable, not so much. But that doesn't mean impossible.

And to anyone saying they would no longer be a fan if it would happen, I understand. As a person I hate him. But I also love the Panthers and Jerry Richardson. This isn't the Cowboys or Redskins. If they were to do this then it would be done with amazing detail. And to be honest, I would be disappointed if they didn't at least look at the option and see how it would effect, for the good and bad of the team.

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Nicbsbll2    293

Ugh... they are discussing this on NC State scout.com boards right now... and after seeing all the people calling for Butkus to go to Carolina, I see why State fans get made fun of so much.

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rayzor    10,711

:lol: at the people biting on fox's comments.

haven't you learned anything yet?

people want to believe that something this dumb has a chance.

can't rely on what fox is/isn't saying. you ask him if the sky is blue and he will tell you that some people say that it is but it might not be. he isn't going to give you an answer one way or another. he will dance around a question just because it's there.

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Zod    14,969

Hey Coach Fox, Rae Carruth is set to be released from prison, any interest?

We are always looking at options to improve out team at every position.

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