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John Fox

Lets not get ahead of ourselves here...

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Giants are pissed off and we suck balls on the road this year.

Well Suck might be a bit harsh. If we were 0-6 on the road then SUCK would apply.

SD was a great win and set the tempo for the season. Minnesota we started out great and then laid an egg to a deperate Minnesota team, TB we spotted them 14 points and went and stayed flat. All around bad game. Oakland and Detroit were W's not pretty but W's none the less. Atlanta, well you don't spot a GOOD team 17pts at home and then expect to come back. We almost did then the wheels feel off. But that was an eye opener. We have started strong in each game since. So we learn from our mistakes.

I would love for us to win this game. Giving us home field advantage. The Giants are not the same team as they were before Jacob and Burress went down. No doubt it will be a struggle but I believe we are healthier and are ready to show the NFC we are the team to beat.

HOWEVER.....remember week 16 2007. The Giants played the New England Patroits and lost. But they learned how to beat them that day. I truly believe that had NYG hadn't of played NE then NE would have gone undefeated and won the Super Bowl. This game could be our study game.

We'll win the NFC South and have a first round bye.

Go Panthers

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Just wanted to make a comment on the whole "we suck balls on the road" belief it seems most people have.

Contrary to this popular belief, we have only lost 3 road games this year, two of which coming against divisional opponents...a division that boast something like a 26 and 2 record at home!

To be honest I think we have played well on the road save one game against Minn.

While I do believe the Giants game will be a tough fought game, and no easy victory for anyone, I don't think we should think of the panthers as a team that don't play well on the road; I mean we are batting .500 (3-3)

Anyway, just my two cents on the matter :)

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Win the Giants game. Then, with home field advantage, play the starters for the first half only against the Saints. No injuries, keep the rust off, bust the playoffs wide open!!

i personally wouldn't want to see them even that long.

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...........and we suck balls on the road this year.

I dont get why people keep saying this? both fans, and media. Since when is 3-3 on the road that horrible? Granted the three loses werent pretty - but at the Bucs, Falcons, and Min on the road is no easy task. Plus, wasnt this team the "road warriors" just last year,the year before and in the playoffs. I am not that worried about a John Fox team being ready to play this game agains the Giants on the road.

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The Meadowlands will be tough. I won't feel that bad if we lose. I just hope it's a blow out if we do. None of that field goal as time expires bullsh*t. A big loss will be motivation to the team; and we ARE an emotional team, that's just how we win.

I know what you are saying...but...BUT...I'd rather not see us trounced up too bad going into the playoffs.

W or L, I want us to be in the game until it's over.

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