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Am looking to be a Carolina fan !

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cookinwithgas    7,588

As a kid I rooted for the Bills. Joe Delamielleure (who may still live around here) and his son moved my furniture.

But I moved here the year Charlotte got the franchcise and I took the plunge. It's really great to have a team with a good owner and wants to get good players - and by that I don't mean just good at football.

Weather allows for more comfortable tailgating, and the NFC South is almost always a shooting match. And Patriots suck.

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2jakefansinva    1,821

Thanks I could use a good beef on wick, and some wings.

is there a break in period can I wear my Bills t shirt during the bye week or under my panther shirt? or do I have to quit cold turkey ?

Sorry, when I got to this post I couldn't read anymore. Yes....you go cold turkey. And introduce yourself to Wild Turkey (Honey) for medial purposes only. And if you need anything else to help you thru those long nites......key up Cooter or 9Lives. They'll be able to help ya. Wecome to the family. :D

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Thank you everyone for the warm panther welcome...

As you all saw yesterday my former team the Bills and their braintrust decided to keep Dick Jouran as coach, which had to make every other coach in the NFL smile. and it was the final nail in the coffin for me.

I will be making a name change to support my new team the Carolina Panthers!

suggestions ???

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hey there blue bills fan, i too was a bills fan before converting in 95, thought not as long of a fan as you have been. though i still did get to several bills games a year just cuz i love to watch some football, and those rowdy games are still great to be at. went to nearly all the wall of fame induction games too.

sounds like your reasoning is good, my mom recently gave up on the bills as well, after they announced they are keeping coach dick around despite his ability to do nothing. also looking to move down to the nc area this summer so now dad is the only bills fan in the family left to convert!

anyways welcome to the board and good looks on the new team!

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