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blue ball(s) state

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passed up the humanitarian bowl offer. its in boise on the smurf turf against boise state this year. could have been a matchup of 2 undefeated teams, but the AD said "I’m not sure it’s fair to our student-athletes to ask them to go out and play on Boise State’s home field". is he right that Boise state would have an advantage, yes, but thats true of any road game anyway, if your a top, undefeated school, why be a pansy and back out. and on top of that the "student-athletes" are the ones getting thrown under the bus with that comment.

a guy i work with says if a playoff started all undefeated teams needed to be in it, i call bs, who exactly has the great blue balls played: 3 teams with a winning record (didnt know that until stated in article posted, or that their 12 opponents are a collective 54-88). this imo drives the point home, even thier AD isnt gona let them play against a team they would get stomped by.

if they wanta be considered a top 25 program, play someone, 3 above .500 teams dont could, and rejecting this offer to likely play ANOTHER team not above .500 is a joke, just like thier ranking. i hope they get thier close to home bowl game agaisnt a NC state or ND and hope they get exposed. and if they win, this team needs a huge * beside for backing out of by far the hardest team they had to face in an attempt to get that undefeated season.

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Well considering they are down right now to Buffalo in the MAC championship they have lost a bit of their luster. Kind of disappointing if they lose I wanted NCSU to be the ones to knock them off.

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