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The Intimidator

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natty    555

Looks just like Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens just a little higher. I'm very mildly afraid of heights, no more than the average person I'd say, but that ride was the only thing I've gone on where I got that 'oh poo' feeling. I haven't been to carowinds in years but I'll go to ride that.

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Porn Shop Clerk    5,528

Its bigger and badder than Apollo's Chariot and Goliath for sure. Both of those coasters were designed by the same company that designed the Intimidator.

And if you take a close look at the lap bars, you'll see why there are no inversions. Why ruin an awesome ride like that with shoulder harnesses? Its all about the airtime with these babies.

Natty knows what I'm talking about since he rode the Chariot. I'm not sure if Goliath has the same lap restraints and stadium seating as this coaster will, but this coaster will have bigger air than either of those. Carowinds has plenty of inversions, but the only thing close to an air machine they have is Thunder Road.

As it stands, its the 2nd tallest Bollinger and Mabillard hypercoaster in the world, and the 8th tallest steel coaster overall in the United States when its done.

It has some very nice elements on it that have never been seen on a B&M hyper, like the panoramic turn around.

Carowinds is knocking one out of the park with this ride, but most people don't seem to realize it.

I'm not sure there's a coaster that I would take over it, except the Black Mamba, which is an invert, and we already have a top 10 invert with Afterburn (formerly Top Gun).

I love roller coasterz!

And I can't wait to ride it. Looks to be the best B&M hyper in the world. Maybe Silver Star is better, I dunno. But its very close.

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joemac    1,545

Holy poo that looks crazy....I havent been to Carowinds since Top Gun first came out. Thats kinda sad....

Did you see how small Thunder Road looked at the beginning of that video? Damn, this coaster looks kinda legit.

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