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solorca    216

We have two of the most explosive playmakers in the league right now. One back and one receiver. Why would you possibly split that up?

Teams are lucky to have one guy who can turn any play into a score on a consistent basis. We have two of them.

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first time we have a back that can rush for 1000+ yards in a season and people want to f*cking trade him.

Normally I keep an open mind with things but this one is pretty f*cking bad.

This pretty much hits the nail on the head. What a slap in the face to Williams, who has worked his ass off to put our team's running game back on the map.

Boldin's a good receiver, but we've already got the league's best in Smith with Moose, Hackett and Jarrett behind him. And if we think we need a receiver, we'll snag one through the draft.

What we need is a little help on the defensive line. You know, those other players in Madden who let the skill players do their thing?

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SKULL    0

Fox prefers a run first offense ,and now has the 2 solid back rotation to do that .

So lets trade one of those RB's off for a top rank WR that does not fit into FOX's game plan .

With Smith and Boldin both wanting the ball,

Fox would have to change to a pass first offense.

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2jakefansinva    1,817

i'm a big fan of d-will but what if we put in a trade block with Arizona. D-will + a 2nd round for Anquan Boldin + 3rd rouond what do you guys think?

I'm a big fan of freedom of speech but, some of this idiotic poo is killing me. Just go away. Thank you.

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chbright    38

no one should be untradable. that said, this is a win huge net win for the cards, and loss for us, even if you switch the picks around.

boldin is a good reciever imo, but in that system, they dont need him. they have a #3 that is putting up great numbers for the looks he gets. they appear to have a surplus of WR, mostly b/c of the system. this trade gives them a huge piece to the puzzle they dont have, a rb. i like hightower, but dwill>>>>>>>>>>>hightower.

also its our #1 rb, their #2 wr. that on the surface (giving both their years), isnt a fair deal for us straight up. add in the system, its a loss at best for us, assuming we get a decent rb draft or FA, because we dont use the #2, #3 wr near enough no matter who it is. i would love to get another wr, but we are basicly imo with that deal play straight into the cards hands, and not improving ours, hell its a downgrade.

hell i will/would trade anyone if the price was right. this trade isnt close, sorry.

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