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SC @ NCSU Game Thread

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The past few years we have been every bit as competitive as you guys (which isn't saying much). Play an SEC school instead of lining up UCONN and ECU to beat up on every year. I can't wait till you guys play your first SEC team and get hammered.

IMO we played well the other night. I said it after the game and I'll say it again, SC was the 2nd fastest if not the fastest D we will play all year. Our offense couldn't do much and one play essentially lost the game for us. Go play UCONN and ECU for your OOC games...

hahahhahahahahhahaha.......I am sorry but UNC played one of the hardest schedules in the nation like the past 3 out of the past 5 seasons.....They welcome all challengers, to take a cheap shot when UNC finally schedules an easy season is more of a sucker punch when State has scheduled easier seasons the past 3 years

that is awesome you keep doing what you are doing, granted you are slow starters and might beat Carolina again this season, well that is if your defense holds up, because your offense is garbage...we will see at the end of the year...you beter be hongry

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