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Examing NYG

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 09:43 AM

We know all about our team how about NYG? These are just some thoughts of my own that I haven't seen mentioned.

NYG Offense
I think the offensive line deserves the most attention in this game. If they click, NYG have been almost unbeatable. They have probably been given unfair criticism for the losses the past two games. They did not play well, but they also played two of the best defensive lines in the game and did not get a whole lot of help from their skill players Ward and Eli. This offensive line is still very very dangerous and should be expected to play tops in the league like they have all season.
Run Game
After watching the Dallas game I feel that Ward is just not effective in the feature back role against a good defense. However, he is very dangerous off the bench. Of course a healthy Jacobs adds a whole new demension. I feel that there are few dbs that can tackle Jacobs in an upright position, that causes Jacobs to gain those extra yards that can kill you. It is very important for our skill defensive players to tackle Jacobs well or he will do damage. Hedgecock is one of the best at sealing the edge. Chris Harris is one of the best at taking away that seal. I think Hedgecock vs. Harris will be a key to the run game for NYG. Kemos health will also mean a lot in stopping their run.
Pass Game
I am not going to argue against Elis ability but I feel that Eli is similar to Delhomme in that they are effective when there surrounding parts are effective. He has something like 1 300 yard game out of his past 16 starts and that was against Wash when they stacked the line against them to stop the run. Having Plax and Jacobs out against good defenses, Eli has clearly looked shaken. I feel that as more teams get film on Hixon he has struggled to get seperation. The wrs as a whole have a hard time getting seperation if their running game is struggling. This is just not a pass first offense anymore. I think NYG will have a hard time winning depending on Toomer, Smith and Boss getting seperation.

NYG Defense
What can you say, this D-line arguably won the SB last year so they deserve no introduction. The whole defense is built around them. They clearly disrupted Romo last week although faded towards the end. Many people around the league are saying that the D-lines lack of depth is hurting them right now, especially in the "dog days" of the NFL. They unquestionably faded both of the last two games. Allowing big plays in the 4th to put both games out of reach. Healthy, this is the best 4-3 D-line in the business. This matchup worries me, we need Jake to take careful care of the ball especially early in the game (no fumbles).
This is a fairly pedestrian group. Don't get me wrong they get the job done but there is not a giant playmaker out there. Pierce is the closest and he seems to be missing tackles recently. Their job is made a lot easier because of their D-line. This is how a good 4-3 defense should be anyways.
Probably the most underrated aspect of the Giants. Webster is growing into one of the best CBs in the league. I think that Webster needs to be on Smitty or they have issues. Ross is solid but I think Smitty can abuse him. The play of the secondary is clearly enhanced by the defensive planning of Spag and their D line.

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:24 AM

Let's look at the Giants schedule:

First six games were Washington, @St. Louis, Cincinnati, Seattle, @Cleveland, San Francisco. They lost to Cleveland. That's a pretty nice schedule to kick off a Super Bowl defense.

Next five games comprise what looks to be a tough schedule - @Pittsburgh, Dallas, @Philadelphia, Baltimore, @Arizona - all wins. But consider:

- Pittsburgh did not have Willie Parker or any type of decent run game.
- Dallas was without Tony Romo and we saw what the backups accomplished.
- Philadelphia was still trying to throw the ball on every down.
- Arizona lost, but still put up 29 points.

The last three games, they have beaten Washington (losers of five out of their last six) and lost to Philadelphia (who has actually discovered a running game) and Dallas (team turmoil).

I'd say that the Giants are certainly not infallable. Their schedule definitely fell in their favor.

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:36 AM

Their schedule by seasons end is probably the 2nd hardest behind Pitt. They will have played teams with winning records their last 10 games by the end of the season. Thats insane
week8 pitt

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:39 AM

Like most teams, the Giants aren't as good as most say but not as bad as some are thinking after this two game losing streak.

I know most talking heads are saying that the Giants struggles are coming more from not having Jacobs than the lose of Plexico. However, I really think the Giants and Panthers are a lot alike. The run game for both teams is successful because of the backs and the o-line but WRs like Smith and Plexico are what makes it almost impossible for opposing defenses to stop these offenses. Committ to stop the run and give Smith and Plex a huge advantage. Double cover the WRs and the run game will tear up the front seven.

Anytime a defense can make an offense one-dimensional they have an upper-hand. The Giants running game can absolutely abuse the Panthers on Sunday but if Eli can't get the passing game going, the game will be close and that is where IMO the Panthers have a huge advantage over the Giants.