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SuperBowl Opponent most Feared?

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Baltimore.. scary defense.. unpredictable offense. They like to go deep. Grind it out running game. Not as good as Carolina as far as explosiveness but steady. Tighend Heap is pretty good. Decent wide recievers and quarterback too young and stupid to be scared of us :). Lots of gimmick plays in their bag of tricks. Did I mention scary defense? I don't want to see Ed Reed and Jake on the same field unless its the probowl and doesn't count.

Pittsburg..even scarier defense. they blitz from everywhere. Not sure how good their secondary is because they get so much pressure they are not tested very much. I used to think Polamolu was overated. I was wrong unfortunately. Their nose tackle I forget his name Hinata I think is a monster. Very under radar beastly good. Hines Ward is a big game player. Other than that unless fast willy parker is playing no one makes you feel scared.


Colts..defense actually playing better than earlier weeks. Peyton is starting to dial in. Dink Dunk quick timing passing teams give us trouble.. ie second atlanta game, arizona. Running game is pretty much token.

Titans the AFC version of the panthers, except with stronger interior pressure.. probably overall better secondary all though ours improves the better godfrey plays. Comparable running game although ours is better. Passing game doesn't strike fear in anyones heart. Collins manages games pretty well, he usually won't lose them.

Not Worried

Broncos...err nm :)

All the teams in the AFC east are flawed. Bret Farve plays good enough to keep both teams in game. Miami is playing good right now defensively, offense is ok..but you can get to chad pennington. New England has to many injuries. Physical teams destroy them.

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.....they are very talented, and since Wade Phillips has started calling plays on Defense, they are better.

A head case team for sure...but not without talent..

Atlanta has to be taken seriously also, especially after the last game. No one in the AFC scares me. Carolina, will win the super bowl easily if there...

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SRSLY... our most feared opponent has to be ourselves. Let me explain. The same team that demolished KC, ATLv1, TBv2 was the same team that should've lost to chOAKland, DET, and got stomped by ATLv2 and TBv1. the panthers are capable of playing fantastic football and very high highs. equally they're capable of playing pathetic, uninspired, horse manure level of football and anything in between.

at this point, anything other than fantastic football isn't going to cut it. with the exception of NO, the games are only going to get tougher and more important.

fortunately, we've been getting hot at just the right time and Fox does a good job of getting this team up for the post season.

so, the only team that can beat the panthers...IS the panthers.

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on the defensive side the steelers are scary good. I think we can match up pretty good against the rest of the AFC. If the Texans had a better record they are playing good football right now.

I'll tell ya though, if Atlanta sneaks in to the playoffs that could be a very tough game. For some reason we can never stop their running game. First Jamal Anderson and now Turner :)

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