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Keeps getting better in Oakland

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blocked at work. what does it say?

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Interim Raiders coach Tom Cable lashed out at assistant offensive line coach James Cregg on Monday for leaving with two games remaining in the season and joining former coach Lane Kiffin's staff at the University of Tennessee.

Cregg told Cable of his decision to leave the Raiders on Sunday night.

"Quite frankly, I'm disappointed by all these things, mostly by the fact that someone would quit on this organization, this football team and this head coach at this juncture," Cable said Monday. "It's wrong."

It's the latest between Kiffin and Raiders owner Al Davis -- a feud that started one year ago when Kiffin wanted to interview for the head-coaching job at the University of Arkansas before finishing his first season in Oakland.


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If Cable wants to yell at people on the Raiders who quit, he should probably start with some of the 53 guys in his own lockerroom.

The Raiders really point out what's wrong with the franchise tag. You look at a guy like Asomugha who is such a great player and continues to have a come to work and do your job attitude despite all the constant suckage he has endured there. The guy doesn't hold out to try to get them to trade him or make much of a fuss. And of course likely wants nothing to do with any long term deal with that franchise because there is no light at the end of the tunnel until Al croaks. So instead of being able to go where he might have a chance to be on a competitive team he will likely continue to get the tag slapped on him. I have always been opposed to the idea that a team could continue to franchise a guy overandoverandoverandover. It isn't fair. I think you should be allowed to do it ONCE and if you can't work out a deal , let the guy go for f*ck's sake.

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