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Tennessee v Florida

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How bad are the Gators gonna beat the Vols?

I wouldn't be surpised one bit if it the Gators will try and put up a 100 points. I have never seen a 100 point game, 100 points from one team. I really hope it happens.

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100 points is a little much. This is still an SEC team with very good talent that they are playing. I actually think that the Vols could be more competitive than people think...

Im saying 45-21

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Imagine how hard it is to be a Tennessee/Panthers fan right now. Crompton and Delhomme are taking years away from my life.

I'm just getting so sick of ESPN showing the bits and pieces of Kiffin's speech. They just show where he tells Tennessee fans that he'll be singing Rocky Top all night after beating Florida. They NEVER show what he said immediately following that, which was that he was just joking, and Mike Hamilton (the AD) wanted him to say that.

Plus, I still don't see why that's so abnormal...to see a coach trying to pump up his fans. This hype is a little ridiculous. Like yesterday, I saw Mark May say, "in the off season, Lane Kiffin said The Golden Calf of Bristol and the Gators aren't even that good." That was a complete lie. He just pulled that out of the air. He and "Dr. Lou" should be put down.

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