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UNC vs Nova Championship Thread

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3 hours ago, Carolina Pride 95 said:

I completely agree with much of your post. Fact is Jay Wright out coached Roy and took away our strengths.

The way he played ball pressure beyond the arc to prevent the ball from going into the paint is counter-intuitive but somehow it totally worked and he is to be commended for that. The Villanova players hit some miraculous clutch shots down the stretch and did deserve to win.

HOWEVER, The Tarheels players also showed a ton of heart to erase that 10 point deficit and hit some unbelievable shots to make it happen, so I would be remiss to not point out the fact that they ALSO deserved to win.

Look, we can all agree that game fixing DOES EXIST. We aren't talking about Leprechauns and Unicorns here, People have been caught doing it, there have been hearings and evidence and sentences etc. etc. so we do know without question it is a real thing.

So my question is this... In a game that features such obviously lopsided officiating, how can we automatically dismiss the possibility that a fixed game is what we just witnessed?

In my opinion it's tantamount to finding a corpse in the woods and deciding without question that "this person fell from a tree and died" when we know that murder is a real thing.

To chalk up the horribly one sided officiating to mere incompetence is naive when there is a history of game fixing and hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, and the fact that the potentiality of a game fixing scandal is never legitimately considered makes it that much more likely to occur since the risk for being caught is very low.

Also don't forget that with all the bad calls that went against UNC, the game was tied with 4.7 seconds to play. Just one of those calls going the other way and Marcus would have been holding that trophy. So yeah, they most definitely deserved to win too.

As someone else pointed out, if the officiating was "horribly one-sided" and  "obviously lop-sided" how did UNC end up getting double bonus a full 7 minutes before Villanova?

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The point at which the 10th team foul is committed is completely irrelevant. For arguments sake however, ESPN play by play has Villanova's 10th foul listed as being committed by Josh Hart with 4:42 remaining in the 2nd half.

At this point in the game play by play shows the Tarheel's with 8 team fouls. The 10th team foul on Carolina was committed by Jackson at the 1:52 mark, so your full minutes was actually more like just under 3 minutes.

If you didn't notice that Carolina got the short end of the stick as far as the officiating was concerned then you were either not paying attention or don't know much about basketball. I could list 15 points to illustrate my position on this, but time is a factor and I fear you might not be very receptive to changing your opinion.

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Both teams played a great game and both sides were deserving. Nova made their shots down the stretch and they deserved to win. I think the officiating was equally bad for both sides. Just so happens that a lot of the calls were even more crucially deflating and magnified for Carolina when you're trying to claw your way back in the game.

I would have to agree that Roy was out coached and Nova had the superior game plan. It was like the Heels expected to play the exact game style they've played all season and win and when Nova made poo tough for them on offense they had no answer. Marcus and Joel pretty much willed UNC back into the game.

With all of that said I still believe UNC was the best team this year. If Nova and Carolina play 10 times Carolina probably wins 7 or 8 of 'em. But at the end of the day all Nova had to do was be better on that one night. They were, and that's that.

This played out very similarly to Panthers losing to Denver.

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