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Allen Stays

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On April 7, 2016 at 1:31 PM, nctarheel0619 said:

Allen staying is very head scratching.  A 1st round pick coming back for what?  

Whatever though, Duke is the Champion next year.  

the bolded is why he is coming back.  that and allen is the academic type -- on par to graduate after next year so i've heard.  

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On April 7, 2016 at 11:02 AM, CarolinaNCSU said:

If Thornton leaves the PG spot will be interesting...can Frank Jackson be a "PG" when they need a point? Will Bolden come? But other than that, they've got '99 Duke potential. Their 2nd team could literally make a S16 run. 

i don't think duke will really need a prototypical true 1 next season.  they didn't have one this season and they got to the S16.  scoring will not be an issue for their team next season. 

my guess is jackson will bring the ball up the court, but that the lead guard duties could vary a lot.  at this point jackson is more a combo guard, but he is really turning heads these days. his game in high school reminds me a bit of jay williams.

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been gone for a while.  saw where duke signed marques bolden. they now have by far the best roster in CBB coming into next season.  8 or 9 legit ACC starting caliber players, 3 or 4 guys that should be all american candidates, and a couple that should be in the convo for NPOY.  they are super-stacked to say the least.  big gap between them and the #2 team in my opinion.  like bigger than between #2 and #10.  it's still pre-season, but right now the devils look pretty unstoppable.  


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