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Real or Fake?

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...but he probably got sick of saying the opening phase 1000+ times before that!

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    • Yea that was a terrible draft 
    • Dude Exum would be an awesome target.  He still has mad potential and he's been one of the individual players I've been rooting for to exceed.   Unless we pull off a trade, we're looking at an older vet.  You're right that Teague won't come here. Not much there that's realistic.  Jennings? Ben Udrih? 
    • It takes a couple weeks for your gut microbiome to adjust with the beneficial bacteria that break down plant fiber. From then on it is clean sailing. I have had 2 less than stellar poops all year, both came after going out to eat and splurging on a side of french fries. Other than that, my morning poop is regular, quick,  and bountiful. Like soft serve clockwork.  As an aside, the bacteria that break down meat products are known to produce TMAO which accelerates cancer growth.