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With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise

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Ask them about the well informed, culturally advanced, high minded Euros how they intermingle so effectively with muslims. And they just loathe that chance encounter in a Wal Mart. How paleolithic.

holy poo there are racists in europe you're breaking new ground here pstall

and while yes there are some extremely christian places that hate muslims because they're muslim (I'm looking at you poland you worthless collaborators) did you ever stop to think while painting the entire continent of europe with the same colored brush that there are other differences to why immigrants are disliked besides their preference for the koran? there are many, and are the primary reason there's animosity towards them in places like GB, Finland, and France has less to do with their religion and more to do with a whole litany of issues like geography, education levels, and a "thinning out" of the culture. Southern baptists don't hate hispanic immigrants because they're catholic, for example.

in the respect that there is an uneducated, racist, and backwater segment of society that is easily stirred up by politicians with an agenda is fairly universal in any country. however, you'd be out of your mind to argue that an immigrant, muslim or catholic, would have an easier time getting healthcare, education, and gainful employment in the united states than in Europe.

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When the # of immigrants coming to the US is 10-1 compared to other countries and they are going to an already crowded system it would be difficult to get easy healthcare, education and employment.

Also consider how low unemployment has been in the US counter to our smarter Euro cousins.

When was the last time there was a riot by farmers or truckers in the US? France? Ok.

Why then does the US STILL lead the world in immigration if healthcare, education and work is so lacking?

And look at the # that come here from a homegenized society. Wouldn't their chances of getting that trio of rights/privleges be easier at home?

Why is that?

Here is some good Christmas reading for you.

Notice code words like cultural integrity or national identity integration or national security.

Meaning, Europe is not as Anglo as it wants to be.

In fact populations are decling. So now come countries, from the advanced Euro are thinking about this.

Job security, maternity and paternity leave, childcare, after-school programs, cash grants and allowances, priority housing, flexible work schedules and part-time employment are incentives already adopted or seriously considered by governments.

All so couples will have MORE babies. Now there may be national pride on the line here but I don't want to go Freakonomics on ya but I'm willing to bet having kids is low on the totem pole because its hard out here for an Anglo in the New yet aging Europe.

America still blows away the other countries in immigration year after year after year.

And it ain't because we have Access Hollywood or UFC.

Now I need to get back to playing Santa for my kids. My wife will take a few more gifts to her students who ALL are from another country.

The wives are getting to learn English for FREE while their husbands work. Oddly enough. The topic of conversation isn't about thier rights but how they can keep paying for thier Escalades and start MORE businesses.

All the students I have talked to have great teeth as well.

I know I know. There are many who came here and are struggling. I see and know many.

But they ain't going to Europe or Scandinavia.

And they all don't come from Mexico or Central and South America.

But you know this stuff.


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i haven't said a good or bad thing about democrats

My comment wasn't to you or anyone in particular....just a comment on the political leanings of the board. Democrats are almost never criticized and Republicans are almost never praised....that's all.

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