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I just want to win an be considered a consistent team.

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12 hours ago, AppHeel said:

I get where you're coming from and certainly won't argue you on Drummond. If you view MKG and his stats, his draft position, etc in a vacuum, then yea you'll be disappointed in him.

From my perspective, what MKG's strengths are are far and away the best on our team. A large reason imo that he's getting an influx of criticism  is because the team is currently in a slump during a brutal stretch of their schedule. When your team is losing people immediately look to see which starters aren't carrying the load offensively and cast blame.

The fact of the matter is that the NBA's statistics are so heavily geared towards offense in a time where the NBA is as good offensively as she t has ever been. There are just no good advanced statistical measurements to enhance value in what MKG is actually good at.

So to me, a lot of the MKG hate is unjustified. Feel free to disagree if you'd like. There are many more pressing concerns for this Hornets roster than MKG imo


I was going to explain but I can see you aren't listening..


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