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Well, as many of you may have noticed, there is a new blog. It started in the season thread and we decided to just make it a blog and see if maybe, just maybe, we could build something. Some interest in hockey and our Hurricanes, or at least some interest in mildly funny, smart ass write ups on each of the games.

By "we", I'm referring to myself and @RealBitsOfPanther. The link for the blog will be at the bottom. If you like the content, let us know. Then, let somebody who likes hockey and/or the Canes know. Spread this like a vineraal disease (without the itching and burning)! 


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Alright guys. So @RealBitsOfPanther and myself have seen that apparently, you guys like reading the content for The Canes Blog. We really want to cover the full season and off-season moving forward. We have ideas but we're only two dudes with relationships and jobs and whatnot, so posting regularly is difficult with just us 2. We're opening the door to knowledgeable fans to come on and help us. Any content ideas are welcomed, as we want to offer more than just pre and post game wrap-ups. So, if you're interested in doing so let myself or RealBits know.

If you don't want to contribute directly to content creation as a blogger, but have an idea or two about what kind of content you want to see, let us know. Or even just general feedback. We know we get around 150-300 views per article, but we would like to hear from you guys. We're dedicated to making this a helpful, fun, and entertaining endeavor for you all here, so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

@MillionDollarCam, you'd be a welcome addition FWIW.

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Absolutely, I'd love to help out

I used to post around 3 years ago under CarolinaPanthers8789, but school and health issues took my life for a spin so I faded off into the abyss. 

I think everything is under control now so I'd figure I'd join and just see what's going on.

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Would ya'll be interested in podcasts before/during certain parts of the season? I.e. the trade deadline, playoff pushes etc. 


Like lightsout said, we're trying to get a gauge of what ya'll would be interested in. 

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