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5 hours ago, GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER said:

that defense is super gross and i've seen several variants of it here on these very forums. dudes using the pictures of black women they posted in igo's "lovely ladies" softcore porn forum as a shield. and "how could i be racist? my wife is from the philippines." it's just the same old "some of my best friends are black" but somehow more insulting and fetishistic

An easy defense to those who use the “I fug or befriend so and so” stance is, slave masters raped and fugged black women. They’re was some who befriended slaves as well. Still didn’t make them any less racist, just like this girl getting piped by black men doesn’t make her less racist

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I recall the "oh they were drunk, they aren't really like that" defense being quite prevalent during the fallout from Riley Cooper's drunken racist outburst.

It's interesting how alcohol can be an excuse for behavior depending on skin color. But if you're 17, and black, having traces of anything at all in your system is justification for your murder. What a country.

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