Jaguars appear to be locked in

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They drafted Yeldon 36th overall 2 years ago.  Be weird to essentially admit this early in his career that they effed that pick.  I thought he showed promise and it's definitely not his fault they're bad.  They need OL/QB.  There's not really OL prospects that high but if you put Watson on that team, tell me they're not better off.  Just like last year, are they really going to repeat the whole 'sign every single free agent for 50 mil to make us better and die at the QB position?'  If so, have fun.

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The only thing they are locked into is the steady diet of misinformation and trying to gauge the true market for LF.  If a team wants him badly enough the Jags are going to want to get maximum value by telling everyone he's their's at #4.

Just smart business.

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