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Pep is not the Pep that left years ago ... He's more like the Jared Allen we got two years ago ... Great but far from his prime ... We have no room to gloat ...
If we lose J. Stew next year our defense will be on the field 24/7 ... and its hard to be great when your on the field more than a Chip Kelly's defense .. 

He is better than Jared Allen. He didn't even hardly do anything.

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12 hours ago, Daddy_Uncle said:

Those fan bases have every right to believe in their teams. They have solid teams believe it or not. Julius Peppers isn't what he used to be and isn't going to send our defense to a whole new level. Sorry to tell you that. 

And so, the "realistic" fans (who are obviously ignorant of the root of the word "fan") chime in immediately.

Jeebus kristo on a pogo stick, have any of you guys ever had a passing thought about having fun?

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The way some people view free agency is absurd.  Want us to sign every big name free agent but then when we sign a free agent say "the fact they were let go says everything". The logic doesn't hold up.  So all free agents suck?


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