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Jeremy Igo

Carolina Panthers biggest weakness as of today....

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#1 : OC







#2 :OT (and in general healthy Oline)

#3 : Speed WR (Now that Ginns gone that's huge)

#4 : Dominant young pass rusher

#5: Home run threat young RB who stays healthy



(Nice to have but not glaring weaknesses)

- Another good TE

- Good young SS to pair up with Coleman

- Better CB depth

- More Oline depth

- Cam needs to improve his short throw accuracy and decision making


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Did somebody already say Shula?

They did?

Roster? Assholes?

Yea, definitely Shula.

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9 minutes ago, Asurfaholic said:

Wasn't trying be an a hole as much as I was just pointing that the team is pretty well rounded. I just hope the coaches can utilize the strengths of what we have better this season. 

But what can I say, maybe I'm just an a hole anyways.

I think it's a requirement for membership.

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Definitely left tackle,  RT .. and depth and both positions. Almost all of our problems offensively can be contributed to either poor line play or QB play.  I know everyone blames Shula for the offensive woes plus hacking the DNC server,  hiding weapons of mass destruction and ghost writing for Nicki Minaj , but looking at games from the previous year, the difference was in the pass protection.  Once Cam got pressured consistently, his mechanics broke down even more.  Even if Oher comes back I'm worried about the tackle position.  Daryl Williams did not look like a world beater to me. 

SS I'm not to worried about contrary to popular opinion Boston didn't play as bad a people make it out to be.  Between him and Adams I think it could possibly be improved but it's not glaring.

DE I'm not sure about , I mean with basically the same cast we were second in the league in sacks last year.  Peppers in the rotation is either a slight improvement or status quo. 

WR - I'm not sure about as well.  Kind of want to see how the new additions shape uo. 

RB-  Has to be addressed sooner or later.  Fozzy and Cap don't appear to be the answer.  Stewart while fine when healthy is hardly ever healthy.  I'm on the Fournette bandwagon, but I'm open to other choices. 

TE - If we get Howard at 8th, I would be happy tbh.  I'm tired of our proto typical blocking TE who catches an occasional pass, I would love to have a weapon opposite Greg Olsen (who imo isn't used enough). 


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Wr core, followed closely by our secondary. De is solid at least for this year with pep,Cj,and Addison. Wr core lacks speed, yes Shepard and Johnson can be those guys but It's more unlikely then likely they magically have a breakout year. Secondary wise any regression in play from bradberry or worely and we are fuged, even a injury right now to any of our CB's would be crucial. Safety I'm not worried about, the play last year at safety wasn't as bad as its made out to be, but in a draft as deep as it is with safetys I expect someone to be drafted early.

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38 minutes ago, Jeremy Igo said:

Dammit I should have specified roster weakness

You should have known better as Shula bashing is the #1 past time of most here.

By the way..what happened to the font formatting?  Using Chrome.

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Biggest weakness imo is lack of urinals in the mens rest room at BOA.  They could totally pop another wall in there and double the amount of urinals.

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OT we know is a weakness. But who knows what we have in Kalil and still need to see a little more from Williams starting to make a judgement on him. Drafting someone in this draft isnt going to fix that.


DE I dont see as a Huge weakness as far as this upcoming season. But going forward yes. We were one of the tops in the league in sacks. Only thing different about that group is subtract Ealy and gain Pep. Ealy played with less heart than Pep ever did in his career here. Pep now a vet, matured, and hungry for a ring will be an upgrade to Ealy.

We could draft a guy like Tanoh by trading up in the 3rd. Would be a good prospect to groom for 18 when Pep And possibly CJ could be gone.


Safety we gained a vet whose made the last 2 probowls. Big upgrade over Boston who is out of position a majority of the time. Could find a young guy to groom, but not a glaring need



Biggest "need" or weakness


1. Power RB- Stewart is one of the most injured prone guys in this game, and he's up in age. When the run game stalls so does our offense. Heck the superbowl, when Stewart got nicked up our offense took a decline. I have zero faith in CAP. If the only time he is even getting activated is when Stewart was out, something isnt right. Had a decent game vs Tampa but what RB doesnt.

Upgrades via draft: Fournette round1, Perine Round 3


2. WR- KB looked good his rookie year, had a major knee injury year 2. Last year was awful, not sure if a delayed sophomore slump or what. Funchess has shown flashes, but again hasnt shown anything to have you comfortable with this group. The 2 guys we brought in shouldnt have you saying this group isnt a weak point either. While I like the potential of the guys. They have been in the league for a little and one hasnt been much more than a ST guy and the other only started 17 games in a terrible WR (was a focal point for them last years draft getting Treadwell)

Upgrades: Chris Godwin, Zay Jones Round 2. Cooper Kupp, Taywan Taylor, Noah Brown Rounds 3-4


3. #2 TE. Dickson cant block to save his life. Need that well rounded TE who can catch passes but willing blocker.

Upgrades: OJ Howard Round 1, Jordan Legget pick 64, Kittle Round 4-5




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