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Cinema's Top Human Villains. Watch it just for the music.

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    • This is a huge cop out and it says that the only way to save our beloved means of governing is to bail out of the system and then have a revolution and start over again. You fix the system by casting knowledgeable votes in every frikkin' election. Every election. Local, state and federal. The situation is screwed right now because frikkin' lazy voters don't take the time to learn anything about their local candidates, or their state ones (here in NC that really bit us in the ass, didn't it?). Those elections lead to the ones above them AND frikkin help decide who will be taking part in primaries and even putting in the votes for the electoral college. An educated and willing electorate also tears the crap out of big money donors and tends to churn the political offices for the good of all. But no, a bunch of folks just drag themselves out of their cocoons to cast a vote for the president and maybe check off a box or two of people whose names sound familiar every four years. And then we've got the whiniest and most self righteous of the bunch, like you, who say that votes don't matter and they aren't going to get involved in the whole corrupt system. They march around smug and whining, putting on airs of intellectual superiority while complaining about every frikkin thing under the sun. Get up, learn your candidates and start voting local and up. All politics is local. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL. Your town council or Board of Education or County Commission matters. Your State senators and representatives matter. BIG FRIKKIN TIME HERE. Doing this is how you really start reforming the system. This is how you start beating back the machinery in place that goes and grabs people by the busload and brings them to the polls to elect idiots and thieves. And then, maybe, just maybe, you run for office or volunteer some time to work for a candidate you believe in. You attend meetings and voice your opinions and hold politicians accountable, those in your own backyard first. And buy a frikkin' newspaper once in a while or buy an ad in one. No matter what crap the politicos try to tell you, those guys and gals scribbling notes at government meetings and then getting ink stains from printing the stories are your first line of defense and your best teachers. But stop acting all superior about not voting. Really, be a responsible adult. You have to work for it. Our republic doesn't have a reset button like your Xbox.
    • Steve Smith. Receiver, actually. No worries though.
    • With CJ's back issues I'm not even sure how good I feel this year.  If he's a full go and we do go DE at 8 on paper it's top front 7 of all time worthy.