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'Sup, Dawgs

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My name is Dilla, and I am from Washington, NC but my family is originally from the Atlantic City/ Pleasantville, NJ areas. If you don't know where Washington is, it's a little town in Beaufort County about 20 miles east of Greenville(like 3/4 of my senior class went to ECU). I'm a junior majoring in meteorology at UNC Charlotte at the moment, though.

I've actually been a lurker here since last year's preseason, but it's a general rule for me to lurk a while to get an overall feel of the board. Of course by then, Carolina was doing really well, so I didn't sign up to avoid looking like a bandwagoner. Well, sadly the Panthers are 0-3, but that gives me a shot to register.

I'm a big fan of the Carolina Panthers and a general fan all the other major Carolina professional teams plus NASCAR. College-wise, I've been a UNC fan since '98. Don't worry though, I always follow UNC Charlotte first and I'm a big supporter of a football team, I'll buy a PSL when I get the money and if it's still possible.

I also cheer for the Minnesota Vikings, since the first NFL game I ever watched was the Vikings vs the Bears on Sunday Night Football(Vikings won 38-28 or 37-27, something like that) during that 15-1 season when the Vikings had the Randall Cunningham/Cris Carter/(rookie)Randy Moss three-headed monster in 1998. The flashiness they had wow'd me from the start and it started my interest in football. If you remember what happened to them in the playoffs that year, then you'll know when the seeds of hate for Atlanta (and Gary Anderson to an extent) were planted in me.

I hope I enjoy my stay.

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