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the butch

What the hell do you have to do to win your NFL pool for the week???!!!!

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For the past 4 weeks I have won 48 games - that's an average of 12 games a week (I went 12, 11, 13, and 12). I STILL have yet to win any money. I have the best winning average so far on the season, too bad we're not doing a year end payout, but still have empty pockets to show for it. I'm in a pool with 26 other mofos so it makes it hard to win anyways, but hey, if you win 13 out of 14 games you should win, right? WRONG!

Maybe next week...week 5 games look tough to call though. One week these guys get their moms to pick, and the next it seems like God is on their side with all these games. No consistency! I'm consistent! I want my money! Looks like I'll just concentrate my efforts into studying next weeks games.

How's everyone else's pools goin?

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