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Some Marty Hurney radio links

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I hope he listens to the people that get paid to evaluate players, because Tre Boston was garbage. Flashy athleticism means nothing if you can't take the correct angles, break down and make tackles.

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August 30, 2016


Right before roster cut downs

Marty Hurney joined the show to discuss the Panther's acquistion of Pro-Bowl Punter Andy Lee, who fills the final roster spots, and what position group will leave the Panthers with the hardest decision to make!


VERY INTERESTING to hear Marty talk about the trade for Andy Lee and how much we paid.  If he comes in and does his job and we win games, no one's going to care about the trade or what he cost(!!!!)

Part of being a good GM is finding the right trading partner.  This is win-win for both sides.  What matters is the Panthers have found somebody good to come in, someone they have confidence in.

"I hate this time of year. (roster cuts) The personal side of it and ending the dreams of some of these young guys.who've come in and done everything you asked."

He goes on to talk about ideal roster composition.  25 / 25 /  3

O-line:  9 or 10.  It will probably be 9 because of swing players.

WR / RB:  6 WR , 4 RB

TE: 3,  QB 3:

Defense:  9 / 6 / 9

5 CBs / 4 safeties

Hardest decision is going to be LBs.  Jeremy Cash?  Risk he could be claimed and not clear waivers.


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Perfect Yes-Man...He disagree's with nothing...

Almost as if he was told to watch his comments because one day he'd be back. 

Also, concerning he valued Boston so much. I guess all we can do is play the cards we're dealt though. 

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thanks, KB fan! it seems old Hurney has continued comminution with many of his scouts. thats about the only "ok" thing from this bizarre week.   

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