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Announcing crew for second MNF game?

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Couldn’t stand it, the chick in the booth had the personality of a dead moth, and that mush mouth mother f*cker on the sideline was horrid.


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There's a reason deep voices are really good radio voices....they carry.  Lying in bed with the wife trying to watch the second MNF game you couldn't hear any of the commentators because they matched the dull cheer noise of the background.  So you had to turn it up to listen to a level I didn't feel comfortable waking her up.  But even before all that, listening to Rex and her was just terrible.  Just no real feel for the flow of the game.  She may be great, but I think she needs a lot more Sunday NFL games than primetime MNF for the time being.  I know she's not on another network to get those opportunities.  

Suzy Kolber may have been a better fit...or Erin Andrews maybe...but I don't think they do a lot of play by play.  

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