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It's a good thing Luck stayed in school...

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Around the NFL, when teams look at the Indianapolis Colts, they see one thing.

A waste.

A waste of fan support. A waste of potential. A waste of talented receivers. And mostly, a waste of a quarterback in Andrew Luck.

Ask a handful of front office personnel around the league, and they'll tell you what has happened in Indianapolis is one of the greatest wastes of quarterback talents they've ever seen. 

This week was an interesting one for the Colts. After getting shellacked in Los Angeles on Sunday, the team announced Luck would sit out Week 2 after he missed the opener with a shoulder injury. Then came a rumor from Mike Greenberg of ESPN's Mike and Mike (h/t Indiana Sports Coverage) that talk is circulating about Luck and his unhappiness with the Colts and that the "end of the Andrew Luck era" may be near.



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I guess he shouldn't have "passed" on the Panthers.  It's all cool tho, we came out better for it.

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