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The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

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Okay here is my actual prediction.  

Fox News (maybe Hannity but I'll leave it open) soon will find some type of imaginary story (story that WH gives it) of Mueller not doing something appropriate and needed during the time of the Uranium deal (this of course will be on par with the unmasking charade or wire tapping thing) and Trump will go after Mueller. 

I give it two weeks at most

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So Trump takes off for his Asia tour at the end of the week....

if history tells us anything....Trump news tends to occur at home when he takes off for overseas 

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On 9/18/2017 at 8:45 PM, SZ James (banned) said:

dose of reality: nothing significant will ever come of this. If you are waiting for the trump nightmare to end before the next four years you are mistaken. 



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On 10/4/2017 at 10:39 PM, Dr. Quest said:

Senate committee has rested,  no Trump or Russian collusion,  ties, etc...it's over, it's been ruled already. ..get over it..lol...Trump will use this false fiasco in his next campaign. .thanks libs!!


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1 hour ago, Gazi said:

You gonna pull @Saha and run away from a bet?

Somebody has some super selective amnesia. I've already stated that should I lose I will honor my word.

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What we learned this week...

1. Manafort was a compromised foreign agent working for Russian interests (that is what the money makes him.  Compromised) who randomly wanted to run Team Trump for free (lol)....I wonder why...and who had been helping get Russian preferred candidates into power in prior years 

2.  Team Trump members were seeking to meet and work with Russians in reference to the election.  

Again....this is just nothing stuff Mueller is done with. Mueller ain’t even given the public the good stuff yet.  He won’t reveal and out anyone until they are deemed useless.  But he has already proven he can slam all the standard corrupt dudes like Kushner, Trump family on their shady dealings.....because like Manafort was...the money is super easy to follow.  Anyone who doesn’t think Kushner and the Trumps are financially compromised.....intentionally ignores information that really has been out there for years.  Also requires them to ignore how they have already shown they will dictate American stances and actions directly to who has financially compromised 

Drip, drip, tick, tock.  

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Also, if the Trumpers would pick a stance it would be helpful....because technically one has to be true...

so either

A.  Team Trump knowingly employeed idiotic stooges like George and Carter and had them out trying to work with Russians 


B.  Trump is a completely and utterly incompetent man.   Unqualified to do even basics.  Who legitmately thought George and Carter  (the first 2 members of his foreign policy team Trump himself bragged about.  They weren’t random guys way down a list....but the top 2  on Trump lists) were the type people a POTUS and country could depend on and use in this aspect.  

Got to be one or the other.  And really either is eventually going to lead to the same conclusion....we have someone in office who is a danger to us.  Technically you could claim both are true but one has to be if you are going to keep defending Trump

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