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Jeremy Igo

Thursday Night Football Thread - Panthers relevance

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I dont hate the Patriots, it seems petty as a Panthers fan to do so. I dont really hate the Buccs either but I do want them to lose.

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Hell yes I can root for the Patriots, for lots of reasons. First, Thursday night games typically aren't very good. This one will be...as long as the Pats win. Divisional opposition losses help us. Plus, there's a certain amount of satisfaction and confidence that comes from knowing that a good team you beat, beat your other opponents, particularly TPA, NO, and of course, 28-3.

It's no secret that I have more than a little admiration for what BB, TB, and co. have achieved, if for no other reason than that I appreciate excellence in almost any form. So, most importantly, I want to see how they adjust after their loss to us, especially since they face a somewhat similar QB tonight. RR, Wilks, and Shula should be able to see some things that might work or probably won't work designed by the evil genius that is Belichick, and then make an appropriate game plan for our upcoming two games v. the Bucs. Yeah, I know, I'm dreamin' on that last one.

Nevertheless, a 50 plus blowout would be tons of fun to watch. Long term, let 'em go undefeated the rest of the year. Then, we get healthy, figure out how to get the offense consistently clicking, the D does their thing, we take the NFC, and ultimately, get the sweetest revenge for 2004 come next February.

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2 hours ago, Jeremy Igo said:

Tampa Bay and New England. 


Are you able to allow yourself to pull for the Patriots tonight?

Why yes, yes I am.


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I know it's better if the Pats win and I'll be happier tomorrow if that's the result, but tonight I'll be rooting for the Bucs to win by 50. Just can't bring myself to do it. It's probably because I've spent a lot of time in New England around obnoxious Pats fans that think 11-5 is a bad year. They're the worst. fug 'em.

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20 minutes ago, PhillyB said:

prayers for tom terrific to get the calls he deserves tonight

I will get a prayer chain going 0>=]

SCP be conjuring good voodoo with his battle cry threads.


Hope your project is going well.

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