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What Exactly Happened to our Vaunted Rushing Attack?

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On 10/9/2017 at 4:17 PM, tiger7_88 said:

So "Power Run Team" is just a label meaning nothing?

Every team in the NFL likes to run when the opposing defense doesn't stack the box.  I always (mistakenly) assumed that a "Power Run Team" was supposed to still be able to impose their will on those defenses.

Can you explain to me the difference between the standard NFL team that succeeds in running when the opposing defense doesn't stack the box and fails when the opposing defense does and a "power run" team that pretty much achieves the same thing in the same situations?

Power Run is a scheme, as opposed to say a zone scheme. You are still your style even if you aren't good at it.

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27 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

I'll always want the team to be run balanced. That's how you win. 

Even when the ypc isn't happening, still have to run, or it makes the pass easier to defend. 

We're 4-1 because we run the ball. The numbers may not be there like they use to be, but teams are committing a lot of resources to stop our run. 


    I read the Detroit Free Press almost every day. They had a break down of a couple of Dickson's plays. On that 3rd and 1, that went to the what, the 15 or so. The Lions had 10, yes 10 men on the LOS. So they definitely thought we were going to run.


    We have been very successful running the ball since Cam got here. Whether we run it well, or not, teams are going to play us for the run. With Cam being back. That approach just may be a recipe for disaster.

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On October 9, 2017 at 12:50 PM, saints4lifeagain said:

You drafted a slot receiver to play RB in the top 10?  :)

lol. True. Best thing CMC has done for us is distract other teams

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Does it matter how many YPC you are racking up when you are best in the league at converting 1st downs with the run?

Think about it.

Panthers are tied for 2nd in rushing 1st downs and 7th in rushing plays.


When the Panthers stop converting rushing 1st downs, then I will be worried.

Panthers are averaging 3.5ypc (24th) on 1st down, 2.9ypc (29th) on 2nd down, and 6.1ypc (11th) on 3rd down. (excludes QB kneel downs)

So, is the running game struggling or are you just giving more weight to the negative plays in your mind? If all you want to do is focus on the 2nd down runs, I believe you are missing the bigger picture.

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Everybody is using broncos blueprint from super bowl loading the box.. 

& quite frankly we can air shhit out so the numbers look worse then they really are..

just relax you’ll see runs..

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