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Why? and WTF? Halloween reboot?

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I have always loved Halloween, II as one movie. But I'm really not sure what the hell is going on here.


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Honestly, I wish they'd take a solid decade or two off and just remake the originals of these horror icons. Freddy, Jason, and Michael are beloved and having to release one every 5 years waters them down. Make us forget and miss them and then give us something worthwhile.

Scream was the last true "original" scary killer, and Hayden did all she could to make the last installment decent. 

Honestly, just come up with a new killer movie with a decently new premise and go from there.

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yeah. but if you cut out the bloodline of MM, then what's the point? he just a regular psychopath with no purpose but whatever is in his mind. That's kind of new...not really. 


everything has been done. you can make it gory, or gruesome. Zombies are the last real horror. But what really scares people, today?

a madmad fycking with my life? done

what scares people today is the question. and tbh life is pretty fyckin' scarier right now. what we need is some good comedies. 

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